My Favourite Life

August 15, 2006

Sandra and Paul

I had met Sandra on the Internet. We started “dating,” and we had made plans for her to visit me in Boston. I say “we,” because I had a friend, Paul who was 30 years old and had only had sex once, and even that was a mercy fuck. Oh yeah. He lived with his mum. Paul was not the most attractive guy, socially awkward, but—as I found out—he had a huge thick cock and must have had a problem with priapism. Of course if you were 30 and only fucked once, you might have a priapism, too. Some of the problem, he thought, was once a chick saw his cock, she was frightened and wouldn’t follow through. The once he did manage to fuck didn’t want it again.

As I have said previously, my cock is pretty much average. Even so, my first wife had a very short pussy, so when we fucked, I hit her cervix, and she got queasy. And despite what the experts say about the sensation all being at the head, guys want to go all the way in. I’ll bet she was only 4″ deep, and only 3″ deep if we did doggie style. I also think this was a factor in her liking anal sex because she could take it all the way. Of course from my perspective, I had a place that would take me all the way, but I digress…

Sandra lived for big cocks. She didn’t complain about mine, but she had a history of craving big black cocks. She had everything planned out—until she saw what she was dealing with. She had planned to give him the full treatment—to make up for lost time, I suppose—, but she wasn’t sure she could deepthroat a cock that big. Of course, I insisted she try.

We all stripped in my bedroom and prepared for action. I started in her pussy, but quickly moved to her mouth, as I always found her pussy to be too loose. She went down on me—all the way down as was her expertise. She was trying to show off her talents to Paul. Seeing the vacant opening, he mounted her pussy from behind. Sandra was used to being fisted, so it wasn’t much trouble for her. I am not sure how long I lasted. I think it was a typical time for me, though it is hard to delay an orgasm when you are getting deepthroated. There is a lot of sensation when the head of your cock is down some chick’s throat—not to mention watching some other dude pumping her from behind. After I came, I just sort of directed the activities.

Next, she was going to go down on Paul. It was amazing watching her swallow what must have been ten inches, but she did. She took his cock into her throat until all that remained was his balls. He was obviously in heaven, but his true dream was about to come true.

Paul was really into anal pornography, but he never relieved his anal urge in the flesh. Sandra was an anal queen, so she was up to the task. Paul reamed his raging hard-on up her ass and fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. As a matter of fact, after about half an hour or so—not counting the time I was actively engaged in the act—, I left the room. Watching some chick get butt fucked for half an hour was more than enough for me. I was bored to tears.

The problem with ass fucking is that once you start—ass to mouth videos aside—, you really have to stay there. I know some chicks that do the double-dipping, but she wasn’t one, and I wouldn’t recommend it no matter how clean she (or you) thinks her ass is.

The long and the short of it was that he fucked her ass for over an hour before they finally came out of the room. He was tired as hell, and even she was worn out. Even after all of that and cumming in her ass, he was still hard as a lead pipe. She asked him if it always took him that long to cum. He reminded her this was only his second time, to which she replied that she could see why he didn’t get any repeat action. He said he could get himself off in 5 to 10 minutes, so it must have been nerves. (I know how that can go.)

I remained friends with Paul for some time after that, but he never fucked her again, and I don’t know if he ever got any more action from anyone else thereafter.

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  1. […] First, I will make a comparison to a similar time in my life, though this relationship lasted just over a year, much of it being the long distance variety, having met on the Internet. That’s a different story. I was on the rebound from a failed marriage, so I decided that I was wrong to superficially exclude some women because they were generally less attractive or overweight. Sandra was a successful, college-educated, overweight and married woman on the verge of her own divorce. I decided to go against my better judgment and have a relationship with her. It was pretty much drudgery. […]

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