My Favourite Life

August 16, 2006

More Lesbian Experiences

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My wife is bi—was bi. Can someone be was bi? Well, before we met she had been with at least half a dozen other women on her own accord. Several were call girls, some she met in gay bars, and one she met through a personal ad. She gave me the details of some of her encounters. To this day, she remembers going down on a woman fondly. If only I could have been there. Truth be known, I was with her and another woman before we were a number, but she couldn’t muster more than a wet kiss, but that is a different story.

She had been through a series of bad relationships with penis-bearing humans, and decided she would try her hand (and tongue) on the vagina-bearing sort. Her first experience was with a dark-skinned call girl. She was dark and intimidating with a shaven pussy. Grace enjoyed caressing her date’s breasts and tracing her nipples with her tongue, but when she was ready to go to town when her date pulled out a dental dam. Now, I understand about safe sex and all, but who in hell wants to lick a friggin’ balloon especially when it is literally a cunt’s hair away from a pussy? She was disappointed and didn’t even cum herself.

But all was not lost. This only made her more determined to get some real pussy. This led her to a gay bar. Lo and behold, she found herself a partner for the evening. This one was a natural woman looking for some company. While light on the details, I do know Grace got her first taste of real pussy, and she was loving it! Better still, she got some reciprocation. She had experienced the tongue of a real expert, and she needed more.

her new plan was to find someone with whom she could enjoy some girl-girl sex on a regular basis. Along her way she got horny, she invariably got horny and made a few otherwise uneventful pit stops. Finally, she found the woman of her dreams—well, she had a body and knew how to use it and better still knew how to please another woman’s body. They had a short but vivid relationship before grace determined that while she loved female female sex, she couldn’t deal with a lesbian relationship. When she met some other guy, she was done with women—until she met the woman who was to be my ex-girlfriend.

Grace and Sandra were both teachers at the same school. I was living with Sandra, and she had the habit of bringing home stray women. She had never brought anybody home from her work, but she described how she was getting friendly with Grace—and she described Grace. Grace was 5’3″ with a full C cup and a great ass with a gorgeous face. She was single and lonely, too. Eventually, she brought Grace back to our place and we spent some Platonic time together in the jacuzzi.

Grace was not shy. On one occasion before we were together, we went to Dream Dresser in West Hollywood, though I forget the name. She tried on a skirt and a sheer red top. She never wore a bra or panties, so when she came out to show off her find, I got more than I bargained for. This outfit showcased her large breasts perfectly as her nipples seemed to be aching to tear through the fabric. She was so nonchalant about the whole thing. If I hadn’t wanted her before, I sure did now. But it wasn’t to be that night.

A few days later she visited after school and we all went up to the rooftop to enjoy the jacuzzi again. It was still light out, so out of nowhere, Grace pulls down her top to “get some sun.” O! my God. I almost lost it. After a few drinks downstairs, the women were talking about getting together, and they offered to give me a massage. I was game.

I stripped down and lay waiting face down on the bed while Grace and Sandra got some oil. I suppose I don’t have to mention it felt wonderful. After a while, they asked me to roll over, and I watched them as they embraced and locked lips. Both of them were excellent kissers, so I can only imaging how it felt. Grace took off her blouse, and pulled down her skirt. Sandra bent down to suck on Grace’s breasts while groping them firmly, but Grace would not reciprocate when Sandra removed her own top. Grace later confided that Sandra’s naked body was so unattractive, she couldn’t bring herself to even touch her breasts.

Grace grabbed my oiled cock and started stroking it. Sandra could sense the attraction, so she stepped back and let Grace take over. It was then that I got to feel Grace’s lips on my cock—the lips of a goddess worshipping my cock—, all the while stroking with her hand. I reached up and felt her pendulous breasts and finally worked my way past her pubic jungle and managed to slip a couple fingers into her wet pussy. When she could tell I was just about ready to cum—I was hoping she wouldn’t notice so I could cum in her mouth—she lay down beside me and took my load on her breasts and tummy. I was hooked. I needed more, but it wouldn’t be that night.

So, While I didn’t get the pleasure of witnessing a full on lesbian encounter that night, it was the start of something better—and the beginning of the end of Sandra.

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