My Favourite Life

August 18, 2006

Lesbian Experiences

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As I described in a previous post, as my marriage was disintegrating, I had the benefits on an open marriage. Kristen had had her three-way encounter, and now it was my turn. She had agreed to a male female female menage-à-trois with some lesbian action. She had always wanted to try, but she never found a woman she wanted to do it with. This wasn’t the woman either, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, and so we made our plans.

Sandra and I had met at a hotel in Boston’s Back bay. After a couple of nights, she came back to our house. Kristen had already met her at the hotel. She ate her as best she could—though she was disappointed not to have been able to find her clit or make her cum—, and she fisted her pussy. She also played some mild BDSM games and left unsatisfied.

At home, things were different. Sandra and Kristen both got drunk. They needed an excuse to play. When the time was right, we all retired to the bed room. Kristen undressed herself and wanted to be blindfolded. Then she lay down on the bed spread-eagle. She had shaven a week or so before, but her bush was already 90% back in. I couldn’t talk her into shaving for the occasion. Sandra would have to do some real muff diving—and so she did. The photos are a testament.

Sandra first kissed a bit and made her way down stopping along the way at her breasts down her stomach and then past her bush to get to the good stuff. She found out how tough it was to make Kristen cum, but she stuck with it. Some time along, I decided I would fuck Sandra while she was busy. When she had taken Kristen over the top, I lay down and got double teamed—for a good two minutes anyway. Kristen didn’t even mind sucking my cock. I think she knew Sandra was going to get the prize. Sure enough, when I was ready to cum, Sandra took me deep, as was her prowess, and I came down her throat. This came as a complete surprise to Kristen as she watched Sandra swallow my entire cock in the process of swallowing my entire load.

The following night we had one more such experience, but this time Sandra had the pleasure of watching me take Kristen’s ass for my grande finalé. As I have said before, Sandra was an anal queen, but she also had some fetish for wanting to see other chicks get fucked in the ass. I think she knew that other chicks were not so receptive as she was. What she didn’t understand was that Kristen was—while not an anal queen—an anal pro in her own right.

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