My Favourite Life

August 24, 2006

Shindler’s Fist

Well, not Shindler exactly. Before Kristen and I got divorced, I had found a woman online who said she was into BDSM, anal sex, and fisting. I was not into fisting. To tell you the truth, I never even thought about it. When I told Kristen, she wanted to try it. No one was going to fist her cunt, but she wanted to try fisting another woman. The curiosity got to me, too.

Sandra was going to fly in for a long weekend, and we were going to spend the time together in a hotel in Boston. I met her at the aeroport, and we drove back to the hotel. I was underwhelmed, but the weekend was planned, so I went through. She had sent me pictures of herself, only they were 10 to 15 years in the past. Well, since a weekend of BDSM was planned—and I am going to gloss over most of the details—, I had her strip, put on a blindfold, and tied her in four points to the bedposts. Well, there were no bedposts, so we had to improvise.

The next thing on my agenda is to remove her pubic hair. Whew! Bad idea in retrospect. She must have had the ugliest pussy I have ever seen, and she was overweight to make matters worse. I have not seen many ugly pussies in my life, but she owned one of them, and her breasts were like udders. Ew…

Once her pubes were gone, I let Kristen know. She was there in no time, and Sandra had no idea what we had in store. Kristen tried to go down on her ugly pussy, but she couldn’t find her clit. It was microscopic. The trick was to rub where on another woman a clit might be found. While Kristen tried to eat her, she was eager to work her fist into Sandra’s pussy. It was way too easy. Not only was her pussy ugly, it was the loosest pussy I have ever seen. Skipping the details, I took my hand and fisted her until she came. Fisting is not an intimate activity. It is very mechanical.

Sandra and I stayed together off an on for over a year, and she always wanted to be fisted. Given how loose her pussy was, I think it is the only way she could feel anything. I didn’t fuck her often, but when I tried it was hard to get enough friction to even cum—no lie.

Luckily for me—I guess—she did deepthroat. She started me down that path. I liked the fact that she liked anal. She preferred it to vaginal sex, but I think you understand why by now. The problem was that her ass was only slightly tighter than her cunt. Once we actually lived together in Los Angeles for a long spell, I think I fucked her ass maybe once or twice a month and the same for her pussy. The other days—which were most of them—, she sucked my cock and took it in all the way.

Of course, Sandra was the one who was continually arranging other chicks and couples for me. She knew I had little interest in her, so she figured that would work. It worked for a while until eventually, I decided to move on with one of the single chicks she hooked me up with for a threesome—more on that later, I suppose. She was much better, so we decided to marry, and we have been married since 1996.

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