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August 25, 2006

Sex in Three Acts

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Act One

Ah, Yuka. My first real lust. I dated her on and off for about 5 years, starting when I was stationed in Japan. I lived in a barracks—a sort of dormitory arrangement. She had been my neighbour’s girl friend—his name was Eric—, and I had met when they returned together from his softball game. It was a Friday afternoon. he was talking a shower in his room after the game to get ready for a dinner date together. Well, that date never did happen—at least not for him.

While he was showering, Yuka and I were talking in the corridor. I was just 18, and I found out she was 19. I have to admit it was awkward when Eric came out of his room ready for dinner. He got his dinner—albeit alone—, and I got dessert. I don’t remember if I ever did get dinner that evening, but I do remember getting to know Yuka. She had a Chinese mother and a Japanese father who owned some sort of textiles company, and she had a sister, Yumi, who was about to be betrothed in an arranged marriage. Yuka was the crazy sister from a strict family.

Because of her mixed blood, as it were, Yuka was not a typical Japanese girl. She was over than 5 feet tall, probably 5’3″, and she had a nice B-C cup. Despite the hefty size of her breasts, they had no substance. When I touched them, they deflated. I have only been with one other such woman, but she had only a small A cup. My favourite thing about Asian women in general, I think, are their downy jet-black pubes. American and European women don’t have that silky texture. Their pubes are also somewhat sparse, much like Asian body hair in general.

Let me backtrack a bit. Around US military bases there is typically a contingent of females looking to connect with some sap to take her away from her troubles. Of course, this fact can be exploited by tossing around words like marriage, family, and commitment. This was instrumental in my formative years. Perhaps I’ll discuss this later. Most of these girls would do anything for the promise of freedom, as it were. Little do they understand it is usually out of the frying pan and into the fire.

In any case, after a little background chat, Yuka was ready to get right down to business. I always like that quality in women. Most American women play coy, but this is not the same across all cultures. It is a social game, but I will get off of my soap box. She pretty much just jumped on me and began grinding herself into me. I was game, and besides, I had not made any other plans.

She unfastened my pasts and had her mouth on my cock in an instant. This might have been my first blowjob, but she wasn’t going to let it end like that. She stood up and undressed herself. What a nice little package. I was impressed, but then again, I am a guy. It doesn’t take much. I still wasn’t into eating chicks—man, if I had only known what I was missing—, so it was straight to business. She was dripping wet, and as I found out, she usually was. She was one of the wettest girls—if not the wettest girl—I have dated to this day, some 25 years later. I just fucked her. It was nice, but nothing to write home about—though enough to write here, I suppose. From that day on, we met a few times a week until I left Japan.

One of the more intersting experiences we had was to have her sister drive us around the base while we had sex in the back seat. We started with a sixty-nine in the backseat but ended up fucking. She never did suck my cock until I came the entire time we weere together in Japan. It was always a sort of foreplay. Intermitently, I could see her sister’s eyes in the mirror, and every now and again Yuka would scold her in Japanese—at least I think that’s what she was saying.

Act Two

About 1982 or so, I got a letter from Yuka telling me she was taking holiday and wanted to see the United States. Hey, to each her own, I say. I informed her I was living in Los Angeles with a roommate, and she was welcome. When she arrived, she had three objectives:

  1. to get some pot
  2. to get a porno mag
  3. to see a porn film

Being in the studio business, the drugs were a short order. I even one-upped her and scored her some coke, both of which were subsequently confiscated on the way into the Troubadour, so we had to replenish on the way out. Doh!

The porno mag was easy, too. A trip to 7-11, and a peek at Playgirl. She was happy. They didn’t allow uncensored porn in Japan at the time, so this was a big deal for her: chick porn. Whatever.

Then came the porno film. I had never been to a porno house, so it was new to me, too. We ended up in some film that at one point had an anal scene. There was 5 or 6 other people in there. We stayed through the end and on the way out she asked what I thought about the anal scene. I admitted that I had never tried it, so she she extended me an invitation to her ass. In preparation on the way, we picked up some K-Y at an AM-PM.

If she had ever done this before, I couldn’t tell. She never offered any tips or advice. She just stripped and positioned herself on all fours on the bed presenting me full access to her ass. Having never done this, I didn’t quite understand the nuances of butt fucking to regular fucking. I just lubed up my cock, and pushed at her asshole. Unlike her pussy, there was a lot of resistance. I could tell she was uncomfortable, so I did proceed slowly. I consider myself to have an average size cock, though the women who have taken it up the ass over the years have mostly said it was larger than that. When I finally got my head in and felt it pop, I stopped to allow her to relax; and she did.

After that, I just kept stroking until I came inside her ass. It was nice. It wasn’t like regular fucking, but it was nice. I never asked for it from her again, and she never offered for the remainder of her stay.

Act Three

Yuka returned to LA a couple of years later. She stayed with a friend of hers, who was a modelling agent for Cinq-Deux-Un, but I didn’t know in advance. I was expecting Julie to be visiting from Phoenix, but I knew I could work her in. Through this, I ended up pulling my first and only twinight double header. Nothing exceptional happened: We hung out; we had sex. And so it went…

I had written more, but it all somehow got lost when I tried to post. I cut corners on the second time around. perhaps, I’ll add some back later.

Here’s another story. I don’t drink alcohol as a rule. It doesn’t do anything for me. This perturbed Yuka—that and my being a vegetarian—, so she wanted me to have some alcohol with her. I told her that if she poured some into her pussy, I would eat it out. She did. She bought some cognac, and went to a hotel on Sunset Boulevard and settled in.

Yuka was not into shaving—just trimming, but that was OK. She barely had a bush to begin with. She drank some cognac and worked the narrow bottle neck into her pussy. It took a while to figure out how to get the stuff flowing, but she managed. As promised, I nuzzled my face between her legs and started sucking the cognac out of her pussy. She wasn’t satisfied, so she tried again. She filled her pussy with cognac again, and decided she would straddle my mouth and deliver it that way. Meantime, we ended up in a sixty-nine. After we both came, she still wasn’t satisfied. I guess she wanted me to be drunk or something. She certainly seemed to be getting wasted. She filled her pussy again, and I continued to drink from it. Still nothing, so she decided she wanted to continue by passing it with her mouth instead. I was OK with that, so we did.

I am not sure where she was going with all of this, but I was horny again, and I wanted to fuck her, and so I did. It took quite a while to get off because I had only just cum a hour or so before—but I had a massive orgasm. She didn’t want to go to sleep, so a couple of hours later she went down on me to give me a blowjob. This was the first time she sucked my cock until I came.  We had known each other for about five years.  She had let me fuck her in the ass, but she had never given me a complete blowjob. Again, it took a while to cum, but I did—and it hurt coming out, barely a drop of semen.

Some time passed, and by then, it was four in the morning, and she wanted to suck my cock again. When it rains, it pours.  I don’t know what had gotten into her, and after that last painful orgasm, I was pretty reluctant to try for a fourth. But, being a guy, I couldn’t resist her willing mouth. Another marathon blowjob, and I was nervous to get to the climax, but when I came, it was just like it is supposed to be—all pleasure no pain, and a nice load for her to swallow. This was my record: four orgasms in a night. I wasn’t aiming for the goal, but evidently, she was.

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