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August 27, 2006

Lesbian Lust

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Well, I would like to start off by qualifying that only “some” men lust for lesbians. I know of many men who are turned off by the prospect of girl-on-girl, and they aren’t even Christians. Go figure. I guess I should also qualify lust. For some it is more of a curiosity or a novelty than full-blown lust. Finally, I suppose, a distinction should be made between lesbians and bisexuals, the later of which might do in a pinch. More on this later.

First off, there are several factors, not all of which I will touch upon. The ones that come foremost to my mind are novelty, the challenge of conquest or conversion, and the slight taboo underlying same-sex relations.

Novelty alone doesn’t cut it. There are many novel things that do not inspire action or desire, so I argue it is more the challenge and the taboo aspects. Now, in my estimation, it is far less taboo for women to engage in same-sex relations in this day and age. Statistically, it isn’t really even that novel. Women between the ages of 15 and 24 have had some same-sex sexual experience at the rate of 25% – 35%, hardly a novelty. While this trend is said to be up from prior years, I have never dated a woman who hasn’t has at least one lesbian experience, and most more than one. I also admit that some of these were at my behest, but I won’t get into those details.

So, is it primarily the challenge factor? This is where the distinction between lesbians and bisexual women comes into play. The challenge of getting a bisexual woman is likely the same as a heterosexual woman, and perhaps less so a challenge if you consider a bisexual woman to be more “liberal,” let us say, than either a strictly heterosexual or lesbian woman. Therefore, the challenge is only significant when regarding lesbian women—the conversion argument, perhaps unchartered territory…at least from a male perspective, which might further presume that the woman has never experienced heterosexual sexual relations.

The funny thing is, that many of the men with these fantasies somehow assume that if the woman were not exclusively lesbian, he would otherwise have a chance at that woman. This is perhaps delusional and self-aggrandising. In a different context, this is capture when the character, Brad, says, “I could make you see God.” It is also embodied in the comment, “such a waste,” and I have heard women say the same thing regarding gay males. A waste of what? Did you think Tom Cruise was going to date you anyway?

For me, I have to say it is the aesthetics of it all, perhaps on top of the rest. I am not so interested in converting a lesbian, but in the words of Chauncy Gardener, “I like to watch,” but of course sex is a participatory sport, and so… The softness, the curves. Another thing this brings up is the concept of lesbians—at least the so-called lipstick variety—and the dykes. I have to air my prejudices right here: I favour the lipstick variety. Not that Rachel Maddow doesn’t look cute in her own way, and she is super intelligent, I prefer more girly girls, lesbian and otherwise.

Well, I guess I never did answer the topic question, but I have to go. I guess this might remain unanswered until another day. And so it goes…

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