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September 2, 2006

Women and Anal Sex

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Why do some guys like me like to have anal sex with women? Men and women have different perspectives for arguing for and against anal sex. Statistics reveal that about 35% of women have received anal sex, and about 10% admit they do it regularly. So what’s the big deal?

What about Her?

To a woman who doesn’t want to take a cock up her ass, her reasoning revolves around (a) the guy being gay, (b) the guy just being outright perverted (and so this is some sort of moral issue), (c) hygiene issues, (d) aversion to the prospect of pain, or (e) the guy is a misogynist. I would like to address these in turn.

(a) The Guy Is Gay

Nope. This doesn’t hold water. Without getting into too much discussion, her ass is next to her pussy; if the ass were next to a cock, I could see that being described as gay. Following this line of logic, guys who like head might also be considered gay. Please! The fact is that many gay men do not engage in anal sex on a regular basis, and some gay men do not have anal sex at all. Again, anal sex is not a gay indicator. This reminds me of the the old joke, Q: “How do you know your roomate is gay?” A: “Because his dick tastes like shit.” Of course, this presumes that only gays engage in anal sex, which, as I have said, is an untrue stereotype.

(b) The Guy Is Perverted
OK, and so? Morality is a relative issue. If the guy is indeed immoral, what does that say about her? Just because he doesn’t get the anal sex he might desire doesn’t then make him moral. Morality is a state of mind. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. Don’t condemn those who do.

(c) Anal Sex Is Unhygienic
Sure, the ass is not the cleanest orifice in the body, but enemas can help a lot—not to mention a condom could be worn, though I have to admit sex with a condom sucks. Monogamy works well here.

(d) Anal Sex Is Painful

If anal sex is painful, you are doing something wrong. Proceed slowly and use lots of lube. If she is nervous, some wine might help to relax her. If you need to, it is helpful to work some fingers in to blaze the trail, as it were. Start with one, and work your way up. A small anal dildo will do, too.

(e) Anal Sex Is Misogynistic
Sure, anal sex could be perpetrated be a misogynist, but a guy who desires anal sex is not a misogynist necessarily. Is a women who accepts anal also a misogynist? Perhaps, but that is a different issue.

What about Him?

To a guy who wants it, his reasoning revolves (a) the tightness, (b) the taboo nature of the act, or (c) the variety it provides.

(a) The Rectum Is Tighter than the Vagina
This is only partly true. At the onset, the ass is generally tighter than the pussy, but once some time passes, her asshole loosens. In my experience, the ass becomes looser than her pussy would get in the same timeframe. This is illustrated in porn films with those gaping “yawn” shots.

(b) Anal Sex Is Taboo

Yes. It is. But this is only a social value. Between two consulting adults, just enjoy yourself. Review the perversion response above.

(c) Anal Sex Adds Variety to a Sexual Repertoire
Yes. Of course it does. The way I see it, there are three orifices with which to enjoy a woman sexually—hands don’t count, but that would make four, and breasts, I have found, are impractical—more of a novelty, really.

My wife is funny about getting screwed in the ass. For her, she has the strongest orgasms when she has something up her ass, whether a cock, some fingers, or a nice dildo. Still, her upbringing makes her reluctant to do it more often than she does, which is once of twice a month. After she cums, she wonders why she doesn’t do it more—aside from all of the time dealing with enemas and cleanup that doesn’t come with vaginal and oral sex—and of course oral is the neatest of all: no fuss; no muss.

So there you have it. Not all guys want or enjoy the prospect of fucking a woman in the ass. Some just aren’t into it, and some have fallen for the same logic some women employ. So be it. For me, I like the change of pace, and I have a wife who accepts it albeit with reservations. If anyone has any other reasons, I would like to explore them.

Next, I feel obliged to outline the big deal about why some women don’t like to swallow semen, and why men want it.

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