My Favourite Life

September 4, 2006

Meeting Kristen

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The first time I saw her she was at my sister’s place with her boyfriend. He was talking with my sister, and I was trying not to stare at her frolicking—can I say frolicking? She was a couple months past 18, and I was almost 10 years older. She looked hot. She was trim, and I just remember telling a friend that evening about her breasts. She did notice me, and made an attempt to splash at me playfully. That was that—until the next night.

A knock on my door got my attention, and there she was again with my sister. “This is Kristen. She was Jimmy’s girlfriend.”


“They broke up last night. She is looking for a place to stay. Can she stay with you?”

Please, this can’t be true. “I’ll think about it.” I had a two bedroom flat, and I only occupied one of them, but I wasn’t looking for a roommate.

“I have to go to work. She lives with her grandmother. You two work it out.”

This was one awkward moment. After a couple of hours of non-conversation and stalling, I finally blurted out what I was thinking. “You can’t move in with me. All I could think about is fucking you.”

“Well, if that’s all it is,” she replied, “that’s not a problem. Why don’t you start with a massage.”

O! no. I was about to embark on a big mistake, but when her top came off, I couldn’t help but follow her into the bedroom—the spare bedroom. She lay on the bed. “So this would be my room? Do you have any oil?”

I got some oil and poured some in my hand. She continued, “Why don’t you rub my back?” as she slipped her jeans off and after she lay down, she removed her bra.

I started rubbing her back and pretty quickly worked my way down to the small of her back and along the top of her panty line. “That’s not my back,” she meowed.

That was all I needed, I slipped my hands under her panties and started massaging her ass with oil, quickly working her panties off of her body. Almost as quickly, I was out of my own clothes. I rolled her over and ate her pussy until she came. It took longer than I was used to, but as it turned out, this was her modus operandi—she took forever and a day to cum, and she always came in buckets, what seemed like gallons of pussy juice (not squirting, please)—, and I loved it. Once she came, I wasted no time slipping my cock into her moist pussy—well, that’s not entirely true; I spent a few moments lapping up her pussy juices. She was very moist and very tight—she remained very tight the whole time I knew her; so much for the wives tale that too much fucking is the cause of a loose pussy. We fucked twice that night. That was the start of twice-nightly fucking for over four years. Marriage—or more to the point a child—tapered that down to once a night, but that was manageable. I never asked for twice a night. That was her doing. She needed to cum twice a day. Even when were having sex only once a day, she was still getting herself off the second time.

That reminds me of the time a male friend of our and I walked in on her masturbating with a vibrator. We were going to go out for dinner together. She was spread-eagle with her pussy aimed toward the doorway. We walked in just as she was cumming. She was too far gone and wasn’t about to stop, so we both got a show. Of course, I had already seen the show time and again, but our friend was quite amused.

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