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September 9, 2006

Meeting Gary

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I had a job interview in Minneapolis. Gary, one of the people who had spent lots of money on videos at Saving Grace (or Shaving Grace) lived there and offered Grace $5,000 to have sex with him. I was uncomfortable with the prospect, but I am not into the puritanical thing when it comes to consenting adults—but maybe that’s obvious by now. For $5,000 he had some guidelines, and of course we had ours, and getting paid for sex—what could be better than that?

Our rules were simple: safe, sane, consentual.

Gary wanted Grace to deepthroat him and he wanted to fuck her in the ass. She had to be completely shaven and be dressed as per his request. His request is that she would be wearing a short dark skirt with no underwear—no panties or bra—and a sheer top with nothing to hide her breasts—and she should not try to hide her breasts with her arms or hands, a purse or anything. She was to meet him in the lounge of a particular hotel. He would seek her out and introduce himself. He was going to be wearing a dark suit.

He had sent Grace some pictures of himself, but she was not sure if the lounge would be crowded or if she would recognise him. We arrived at the hotel later than expected, and later than the planned rendez-vous—about 2 hours late. We figured he would wait. Luckily for her, she had shaven her pussy before we left. There wouldn’t be time for that now—not as late as we were. She played with her pussy and teased me most of the way to the hotel. She told me her untold plan was to suck his cock under a dining table.

She wanted to go in alone. It had been raining, so by the time we got to the lobby, her sheer top looked like she was wearing nothing at all. Her cold nipples were errect and the outline of her sizeable areola was clear as day. She didn’t want to disappoint him, so she kept to her bargain and didn’t try to hide her breasts. I watched her walk toward the lounge while I brought our luggage upstairs to wait.

The lounge was not very crowded, but she wandering around knowing full well that everybody who was there was staring at her tits. She asked the bartender if Gary had been looking for Grace. Nobody had asked for Grace. She went to the front desk, but they hadn’t had any requests either, so she went back to the lounge and stood by the entrance waiting for Gary. She walked out into the lobby and to the front entrance. He never arrived.

The next day we got home and read our email. She had given her the wrong telephone number—some numbers had been juxtaposed. He had called several times, but t was the wrong number. He had waited for almost two hours before leaving. He had been waiting in the parking lot, knowing he would recognise her. Besides that, he was pissed he had to wait for two hours in the rain.

Grace was so relieved that she didn’t go through with the plan. Sure, she wanted the $5,000, but the prospect of getting fucked in the ass by a stranger—condom or not—, and taking his cock down her throat didn’t seem like such a great idea after all. I was pretty nervous through it all, but it sure was exciting seeing Grace out in public in all her glory. Unfortunately for me, she was in no mood to fuck after that ordeal, so we both went to bed frustrated.

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