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September 11, 2006

No Pregnant Pause

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I have gone through three pregnancies in my lifetime, and although I am done with that, I have to say the sex was not unpleasant. There was an occasion where I could have fucked a woman who was pregnant by someone else other than me, but I turned down the offer, not so much because she was pregnant, but rather that she seemed too eager and desparate—yeah, I know, that’s how the’re supposed to be. I thought she was looking for a sugar daddy, and was looking for a different place to deliver my sugar.

Once some months pass, missionary position becomes out of the question. If it is pussy you seek, you are pretty much restricted to doggie style and spooning—of course, she could just hang her legs over the bed with you standing. In my instances, it was almost always doggie style from behind.

Kristen, my first wife, was always horny, so nothing really changed. We had sex pretty much once a day at least. Hormonal changes made her nipples much darker—almost black—, and the trail of hair running from her thick dark pubic hair grew more prominently up her stomach. For her, when she was pregnant, she didn’t want any anal sex—and of course, you know about her aversion to oral—, so I just got lots of pussy. I can’t complain. Another benefit upon delivery was the milk laden breasts and the breast milk, but that is another story.

My current wife was a another story still. She was pretty libidinous to begin with, but once she got pregnant, she was an absolute horn dog. Better still, she could reach orgasm by playing with her nipples or sucking them. If she played with them while we fucked—or if I did once we had to resort to doggie style—, she came so hard—though not quite as hard as she comes while getting fucked in the ass and using a vibrator. I did get a little bit of anal during her pregancy and quite a bit of oral, so it worked out well. She breast fed for over three years, so I had lots of breast milk, too.

I remember when she went in for her gynecological exam. She had tested positive with a home EPT. The thing is she had just shaven her pussy and nobody but me had ever seen it. She was a bit embarrassed. Of course, I went with her and her female gynecologist commented right away—she was like that, very direct. She just pointed to me and said that’s the way he likes it. Her gynecologist just smirked and continued on her way. As expected she was pregnant.

Speaking of shaven pussies—I have no problem transitioning to that topic—, both wives were embarrassed by their shaven pussies. My first wife had a problem one day when she was shaving her legs as part of her daily routine and our daughter asked why she wasn’t shaving her zizi, which is baby talk for genitals. I have to admit it been a few days, and she had more than a five o’clock shadow, but this was not something she was comfortable hearing. Also, I think she had some concept that a woman without pubic hair was somehow less of a woman. Go figure.

My wife now has had some experiences of being the only shaven woman in the public change room. She is very unabashed and isn’t really body self-conscious, but she can tell when the other women are staring at her bald pussy. On several occasions we have gone to a nudist resort in Palm Springs, and I always make sure she is completely shaven before we go. As it turns out, the clothes free crowd tend not to sport pubic hair anyway. Why hide such a beautiful site?

Anyway, I got off track again. Sex and pregnancy go hand in hand. I have heard that some women actually experience a loss of libido. Luckily for me, this was not the case. Just know that this can be a pleasant experience, and in the end everything sort of returns to normal—well, this is not entirely true: children do tend to put a damper on the ability to shag when and where you please.

Another thing that happened to accomodate her pregnancy was how to go down on her. We had to switch to sitting on my face, which was a nice change. There is nothing quite like having a pussy straddled over your face for your pleasure. So if you are wondering about sex and pregnancy, in my experience, it was all good. Of course, I have heard stories to the contrary.

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