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September 11, 2006

Search Terms

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So, I was reviewing the search terms people have used to find these posts. I list them here:

  • pussy 89 21.4%
  • anal 79 19.0%
  • wife 72 17.3%
  • porn 66 15.9%
  • oral sex 56 13.5%
  • shaving 49 11.8%
  • breasts 5 1.2%

Although I have made these sum to 100%,I have taken the liberty of taking individual counts in isolation. This is to say, if someone queried “oral after anal,” which some did, the result will count in both the anal and the oral category. I have also consolidated categories, so, for example, consolidated under “pussy” are pussy, twat, snatch, cunt, and vagina, with similar consolidation under the other other categories.
In any case, from the looks of things, searchers are interested in getting their wives to take and and swallow cum, and in any case there is a big emphahsis on vaginal and anal sex. Other humourous entries follow.

The first group is of those who probably did not seek what they intended:

  • shave points
  • what are the four quarters of my heart?

Another group just strikes me as being funny. They wouldn’t be so funny if only one person had entered these query strings.

  • no clit
  • my sister started rubbing her pussy
  • peeing in condom AND peeing in oral sex
  • how my wife’s pussy got loose

No cilt? Why? You won’t find any incest stories here. Peeing in condoms and oral sex? Nope. How my wife’s pussy got loose? I feel sorry for these guys, but I can’t help. Did she just have a vaginal delivery?

Finally, and maybe I’m odd—all right, I admit it, I am odd—, but when I get this as a query string, “how to clean pussy before cunnilingus,” it gives me pause. Is this a chick or a dude, and why are several people asking this to arrive here? Personally, I think I fit into the Napoleonic category when it comes to sex. You know, “Don’t bathe, Josephine, I am coming home.” I love the taste of a woman. I don’t want her to have a sqeaky clean pussy. Sure, it will lubricate itself soon enough and deliver a payload when she cums, but I want to be able to savour her womanhood. I want to bury my face in her cunt and stretch my tongue into her hole as far as I can to slurp up all of the juice that I can.

Frankly, there don’t seem to be very many sex blogs hosted at WordPress. I am not sure why that is. In any case, I think I may post a breakdown of search terms every now and again just for the hell of it. My trailing question is what are you doing here? Comments?

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