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September 12, 2006


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What is it about dildos in porno films—especially the lesbian ones? Am I the only guy that isn’t turned on by prosthetic cocks? When I watch a porno film, I want real action. If it is a hetero vid, I want to fucking and sucking involving chicks interacting with real cocks. If it is a lesbian vid, I want to see licking and caressing. I don’t want to see some chick with a strap on or a dildo.

Hey. Maybe I am just a romantic. Probably not, but I thought I’d throw that out there. When it comes to chicks, I want to see soft lipstick lesbians making out slowly. If I want to see hard sex, good old hetero fucking will do just fine. I am not really so much into that either. Why would I want to watch some other dude get his rocks off on some hot chick?

And another thing: fake breasts. I don’t dig ’em, especially those hideous balloon breasts. These tits look fine under a sweater, but who wants to watch porn of girls in sweaters? This is not for me. I want natural breasts. Now, I am not one of those guys who needs everything natural. I mean those hirsute chicks are novel and all, but I prefer a clean shaven woman—especially when it comes to her pussy.

Since I am ranting, what’s with the facials? I guess it is better to illustrate a cumshot, but it is not very practical. I am into giving facials. If my cock is in some chick’s mouth, that’s where I want it to stay until I am done. That means I don’t want to pull out at the last moment and jerk off into her mouth. I’m sorry. It doesn’t do anything for me. Is a guy into this a misogynist? I don’t know. Could be, but if he is into it and his chick is, too, great for them.

Speaking of misogyny, what is with that ass to mouth (A2M)? There can be no practical rationale for this other than humiliation. Ditto for ass to pussy. I won’t even get into the hygienic aspects of this practise. Oy!

What do you think?

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