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September 12, 2006

Hollywood Hookers

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I was living with Sandra at the time, but sex with her was rarely satisfying. She had hooked us up with other swinging couples, but I didn’t feel like having her around. She was working, and I wasn’t so I decided to head into Hollywood and see what I could find. I was in the mood for a young black chick. I was heading East down Sunset Boulevard when I found what I was looking for. She was young, thin, and black.

I had never been with a prostitute before, so I didn’t know what to expect. She asked me to drive around the block and meet her a few meters from where she I met her—up a side street.

She got in the car and asked,”Are you a cop?”

I assured her I wasn’t.

“Undo your pants. Show me your cock,” she demanded, and so I fumbled my cock out of my pants. “OK, fine. Where do you want to do it?”

“I hadn’t thought about it. What’s the usual?”

“We can either go to your place, or use a motel—there’s one I use.”

“That’s fine. Get me there. How does this work? What do you charge?”

“The motel is $20 for the day. It’s $80 for a blowjob, and $100 for a fuck.”

We arrived at the motel, I gave the clerk her $20, and we went upstairs to the room on the second floor.

Hookers a nice in a way—no nonesense; just get to it. She kicks off her shoes on the way in.
“I want your pussy. Here’s a hundred. I want you to be naked. Can I eat your pussy?”

“Sure, you can eat me,” she says, as she strips out of her shorts and top.

Her pussy was shaven with about a day of stubble. I was impressed. “Nice, I love a shaven pussy. How did you know?” It was small talk but sincere.

She was probably five-five, one fifteen or so and thin. Her breasts were small and flat—not at all firm. Still, I played with her breasts, sucked on her nippled, and made my way south. I wasn’t sure I should be going down on a hooker, but when I see a pussy, it’s a reflexive response. To be honest, I usually spend a lot of time near the hole, but this time I was nervous, so I focused on her clit until she came. Then I went down to eat out her juices, one thing I couldn’t do with Sandra because she tasted sour and bitter—bad diet. The hooker tasted normal, and unlike Grace’s experience with eating a hooker, I wasn’t forced to use a dental dam.

Now it was my turn. She opened a condom and put it in her mouth before taking my cock into her mouth—well, sort of—and put it onto my cock. Now that’s a trick I never saw before—not that I have ever been big on condoms, but still…

Man, she was one mean cocksucker. The only time I have had my cock sucked wearing a condom before was when some chick wanted to try out a flavoured novelty condom. She didn’t like the taste, and off came the condom. After a few minutes had passed she stopped blowing me and signaled that I should fuck her. I know I had paid the extra $20 for access to her pussy, but I decided I wanted to finish with the blowjob. I am not really sure why I decided this even as I write this. I probably got head 28 out of 30 days a month—the other days reserved for anal and vaginal. Still, I wanted her to finish with her mouth—as of course I would not have the added pleasure if cuming in her mouth, not directly anyway.

Not too much longer, and I did cum. It felt great, but of course, I shouldn’t have to mention that.

We both got dressed, and I drove her back to where I had picked her up. On the way, we talked. She was nineteen years old and had two children who were staying with her mum. Her mum knew how she made a living and was supportive, if not concerned for her safety. She was trying to break into the porn business. She explained that the only reason her pussy was shaven is that she had just shot some scenes a couple days before.

I went straight home, and Sandra was napping after a long day’s work. I wasn’t planning to tell her about my activities of the day, but she was feeling particularly randy and asked if I wanted a blowjob. “I just had one,” was not the response she expected, but it is the one she got.

I gave her the details. She was hurt, but was relieved to know it was a hooker and not someone with whom I had an emotional attachment. She got over it. I took a rain check on the blowjob.
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