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September 12, 2006

Nudist Resorts

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Well, OK, I guess the title should be Nudist Resort, as I have only been to one, though I have been several times. Does it count that I have also been to several nude beaches. So the nudist resort I have frequented is called Desert Shadows. It is in the heart of Palm Springs—or perhaps just the lung. We always went as a family, and of course the first time we didn’t know what to expect.

We always went in the middle of the week, not liking crowds. This worked out nicely. It sort of went like this. We called in advance to set up a reservation, as they had limits as to how many people could be there at once. We never had an issue. We drove from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, and checked in. Desert Shadows is a nudist resort. It is not clothing optional, and they allow children, which some don’t. The first time we were briefed with the rules and given a short tour of the three pools. Then we were shown where to undress.

It was a pleasent place, and it is nice to get out into the sun to really expose your body to the warmth.

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