My Favourite Life

September 15, 2006

Her Cheating Heart

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So before I married Kristen, she had cheated on me thrice. Now, personally, I think cheating only comes with marriage and only if the partner deosn’t know about it and approve of it in advance. Most people consider cheating on an unmarried partner cheating, so I will be using this definition.The first time she cheated on me was actually with an ex-boyfriend of hers. She has just had a biopsy and her cervix was sore, so she didn’t want my cock hitting the site—or so the story went. When she was undressing, I noticed her panties were full of cum, and it wasn’t mine. I confronted her, and she admitted she had just returned from being fucked. She argued that he had a smaller cock, and she needed sex. I was slightly put off and said if she could fuck him, she could fuck me. She didn’t like oral, and she wasn’t letting on that she took anal. I wasn’t going to settle for a handjob. I started to fuck her, but she insisted it hurt, so I stopped and asked how she planned finish me. Her plan was oral. I couldn’t wait to unleash a huge load into her mouth. I don’t know how big it ended up being, but it felt good releasing what I did into her mouth. She didn’t swallow because she never did, although she tried and gagged it all back up.

I discovered after the next time she cheated when I found a cum towel tossed into the corner of a spare room. You see, Kristen had the habit of needing a towel under her as to catch the cum dripping from her pussy. To tell you the truth, I didn’t catch on immediately. I saw the towel and figured it was a remnant of our own passions. At first she said she had been masturbating and had used the towel to clean up. (I told you she got extremely wet.) That’s what tipped me off. She never used a towel for that. After some silence, she admitted that she fucked some local cop who lived in the neighbourhood.

The third time she decided she had to fuck her boss. Her boss was a guy married to a hot chick with awesome large breasts, but I guess he wanted more. I have to admit it might have been better for me if we had a fair trade. I didn’t actually catch her, but she felt she had to tell me about it long after she no longer worked for him.

During a discussion when we were getting divorced, she told me there had actually been four guys. I never did find out who the fourth guy was. I don’t have to mention the times I did know the guy.

Kristen with Another Guy


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