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September 17, 2006

Short Pussies

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I was looking through the search terms people have entered and I noticed one for “short pussy.” As it turns out, I have had the experience of fucking a woman with a short or shallow pussy. When we fucked, I could easily bottom out on her cervix. Doing it doggie style was even easier to hit bottom. I know women, like men, come in different shapes and sizes. The average pussy can accommodate the average cock nicely, but when the pussy is too shallow it creates some minor problems.

The first problem is simply that you cannot go in all the way. I have read articles from so-called sex-experts who say this is no big deal because most of the sensation of a penis are around the head. While I agree with the statement, it still matters. This is one of the reasons anal sex feels so nice to me—the fact that I can go all the way in without all of the added sensation. It also helps me last longer before I cum. What more could you want? So, her having a short pussy did not make her want to fuck any less, but I had to be careful not to go in too deep or she would start to feel queasy, and so that is the second issue.

I know of women who say they prefer guys with long cocks precisely because they like the sensation of having their cervixes pounded. I have no experience with any of these women, so I have nothing I can add.

On another topic, guys have different lengths and widths (circumferences) of cocks. I consider mine average. I am told I have a nice size, but I have seen bigger and smaller. My wife is still reluctant to take anal sex, though she does it anyway because I ask. With me, she would prefer not to. However, there was a guy she dated before meeting me who had a short pin dick. She actually asked him to fuck her in the ass, but he refused on some religious grounds. She said if I was built like him—hung like a pinkie: short and thin—we could have anal sex a lot more often. I guess size does matter.

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