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September 18, 2006

How She Lost Her Virginity

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I already wrote about how my first wife lost her virginity and how I lost mine, but when I was looking through search terms, I decided to write about how my current wife lost her virginity. As she has recounted to me, she was nineteen when she lost her virginity to a boyfriend of over a year. It wasn’t anything to write home about—and not much to write here about, either. Pretty much, they made a weekend plan to do the deed. It was summertime, and her parents would be staying at their vacation home on a lake about 15 miles away.

They prepared by drinking some wine in front of the fireplace and getting cozy. After some heavy petting, they retired to her bedroom for the actual act. She had unbuttoned his shirt and was feeling his chest, while he was feeling her tits through her bra. When they decided it was time, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear. She reached for his penis and said, “It’s so hard.” Out of the mouths of bases, I guess. Well, she decided she was going to get it over with, so she, too, undressed herself, and guided his cock into her pussy. After a couple of minutes he was done, and she had lost her virginity. That was it. Anti-climactic, actually. They dated for a few more months, and then she moved on.

On the topic of virginity, she also told me how she lost her anal cherry, and it didn’t sound pleasant, as seems to be the case for many women at the hands of a guy how wants to fuck a chick in the ass but doesn’t know how to do it. As it so happened, he guy had a fairly large and thick cock—especially not suited for amateur ass fucking.

She was about 30 years old, and she was one of those women who thought anal sex was only for gay men.She didn’t know what to expect. Well, it was less than stellar event, abridged by the experience. He didn’t have the sense use lubrication except for saliva—and spit is not a lubrication for anal sex—, and he didn’t take his time. He though her ass was like her pussy, which is more amenable to cocks, and she freaked out. She was in tears the entire time. She actually let him fuck her ass for about a minute before she couldn’t take it anymore.

By the time I got to fuck her ass, one other guy had been there with better results. As it turned out, this guy was bisexual—unbeknownst to her until years later—, but he knew how to give and take cock up the ass. The benefit to me was she wasn’t so gun shy, and our time together went along quite well.

There was a time where my wife got tired of me asking her for anal sex, so she defensively asked how I would like to have her fuck me in the ass, and I told her to go for it—on the condition that I would fuck her in the ass after she fucked me.

She still had a strap-on from her days as a lesbian. I had done this dozens of times myself, but I had never had it done to me. First, we shaved her pussy, and we did the standard preparations and got down to it. I usually eat her before we fuck, but today would be different—just a lot of ass fucking. We figured doggie style would be best. I tried to talk her through it: lots of lube; go slowly. It was uneventful, if uncomfortable. She didn’t really know what she was doing, and she went faster than she should have, so I wasn’t as relaxed as I could have been. Plus, there is a difference between a dildo and a cock. With a cock, you can feel when how relaxed her asshole is. Not so with a dildo.

Anyway, she had her thrills for a few minutes—enough to be satisfied that I was willing to take what I wanted to give. Than, it was her turn. As usual, she got down on her knees, ass up, and I drilled her ass good until I came i her ass. So that it how I lost my anal virginity. We have never done it since, but she is satisfied that I would be willing if push came to shove.

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