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September 22, 2006

Sex, Anal Sex, and Oral Sex

Sex, sex, sex. What is the big deal about sex, or as I have been asked by several women, “What’s wrong with regular sex?” Of course, by “regular sex,” she means vaginal sex—cock to pussy penetration. Of course, she wouldn’t want to rule out you eating her pussy, but in her mind, that’s somehow different.

Sexual penetration does feel different whether it be vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or a blowjob. The sensations are distinctly unique—although I admit that some sensations can be approximated by other means. For example, a woman skilled at cocksucking can make her mouth feel like a pussy and to some extent like an ass. Let me explain.

Her pussy envelopes the cock like a glove. You can feel her pussy along the full length of your cock. A shaven pussy not only feels smooth for you, but she has the benefit of heightened sensation. If she hasn’t shaved her pussy before, she has to try it at least once—hopefully with you.

Her ass, on the other hand, provides sensation to your cock only around the ring of her sphincters. On initial penetration, her ass is much tighter, but as time in an ass fucking session passes, her ass will loosen up some. Don’t worry, it will be tight again if you chose to butt fuck her the following night.

Blowjobs are more versatile. She can do things with her mouth and tongue that are either similar to these other methods or entirely different. Deepthroat is in a league of its own. Another benefit of blowjobs is there is no mess to clean up afterwards—if she swallows, that is.

Now there are other means you could try, including handjobs and tittie fucking. These are different, too. I don’t prefer either of them, but for a change, why not?

I wonder if anybody else out there agrees with me.

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  1. yes u r right..

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