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September 25, 2006

Large Breasts

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I have said before I am not a “breast man,” and I am not. personally, I think there is a such a thing as breasts that are too large, and I have no issue with small breasts. This is not to say I haven’t seen some ugly breasts, but I think I am more tolerant than most when it comes to judging breasts.

The average American woman sports a C cup, and most American and Hispanic women I have “dated” have had B – C cups, though I have had larger and smaller. I have never dated a woman whose breasts were so large as to be ugly, but I have seen these in porn. I have seen women with ugly breasts, but this was not related to the size. The Asian woman I have known fell more into the A – B cup range.

The smallest breasts I have encountered were AAA on a size-0 chick I knew for about a month, but they were cute, and I enjoyed them very much. The largest breasts I have had the pleasure of enjoying were something larger than a D cup, but I don’t know how large they actually were. I was an undergrad in Boston and was getting to know this Greek chick. I didn’t do Greek with this chick, but she was from Greece. Her name was Artemis, but she went by Diana. We had spent some casual time together in student settings, and there was no real sign of interest. I mean, she had noticeably large firm breasts—not a typical combination— there was no way she could hide them.

One evening after an evening class, I met her in a public area and we just started chatting. Before we knew it, I had missed my last train home. It was late, and she mentioned something about her roommates and the late hour—and that we should make alternate plans. Evidently, she knew a proctor at a dorm that would let her into the rec room, and so we took that route.

We got in, and at that hour nobody was in the rec room. We turned on the TV in the background, and sat together on the couch. Then the talk and the mood turn intimate. Well, let’s face it, I am a guy, it was late at night, and this girl was obviously hitting on me, so I went with the flow. One thing led to another and we started talking about sex specifically—and the talk turn to action when she asked what I thought about her breasts.

I explained I had never actually experienced breasts that large but wouldn’t mind trying. When she gave me the queue to continue, I just reached out and groped them. Yep, they were breasts alright. Hands to breasts; lips to lips. She had very full lips: lips perfect for kissing; perfect blowjob lips—not those thin lips. I didn’t know how far she would go, but I had my own ideas.

My hands made there way under her shirt and under her bra as I tried to get as far as I could before all of this was over. Still, no resistence. I think we had the same feeling that anyone could walk in at any moment, so we moved lower onto the couch to be more out of view. I unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra. She left her shirt on just in case someone walked in on us. I moved from her lips to her nipples. I couldn’t resist. Her nipples were pretty large and dark but not too large for her breasts.

With my mouth now occupying her nipples, my hands were free to roam down her pants. She followed suit, and worked her hands down my pants. We had some buckles and buttons in the way, but we made short order of these obstacles. This was before shaving was the “in” thing, so she had a full bush, and like Italian women, Greek women have thick, dark bushes—the kind of jungle you can lose yourself in. It was tough getting past this hair barrier to get to her pussy. When I finally did, it was wet. Duh! Still no resistence as I slipped in a couple of fingers. I could tell she wanted more than fingers inside her pussy, so I unzipped and pulled my own pants down a bit for better access and pushed gently on her head to let her know what I wanted.

She was a quick study, and after she teased my cock for a while with her hands, she took it into her mouth. I was right. Those lips did feel great, but she wanted me to fuck her. I didn’t have a condom, but decided to go for it anyway. She didn’t care either. We decided that it would be best if we could stay as dressed as possible—just in case—, so she got on her knees and rested her body on the couch. I worked her pants and panties down to get a nice view of her ass. We parted her knees enough to get me good access. I positioned myself between her legs, and in no time I had my cock slowly fucking her pussy while I was handling her ass cheeks. I wasn’t considering anal sex, but being as she was Greek, I can’t say the idea didn’t cross my mind more than once—especially with her asshole right there begging for action.

I could tell I would cum pretty soon, so I asked her where she wanted to take it. Without a condom I didn’t want to cum inside her, but she said she didn’t mind. I told her I wanted her to finish me off with her mouth, and I pulled out. I could tell she was reluctant, but she did, and within seconds I came in her mouth. I expected that she might spit, given her reaction, but she swallowed, and I kissed her for her extra effort.

I felt a little bad that she didn’t cum, but once I came, she was fine with getting dressed again. We did get dressed, and we fell asleep together on the couch. I saw her one more time after that, but we didn’t have sex. I was never into huge breasts, and I am still not, but it was nice while it lasted.

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