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September 26, 2006

Swapping Sides

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Kristen and I was nearing the end of our marriage, and we knew it. We were both looking for a little more action on the way out. She and I were both trolling the CompuServe adult forums one weekend when I found a nice 19 year old Canadienne named Robin. As it turned out, Robin was using her uncle’s account when I pinged her. We happened to be in a BDSM forum and we started chatting some sex chat and role playing, which by the next day converted into phone sex.

Meantime, after the weekend was over, her uncle who trolled the same forums, pinged my wife and started a BDSM conversation. Without getting into too many details, they did some online interplay, and I got to be a proxy lover. BDSM guys seem to generally be into shaved pussies and anal, so I made out pretty well. She was really into the guy, so I ended up getting couple of blowjobs per orders of her “Master.”

The time came when they wanted to meet. I was still chatting with Robin over the phone, and we made a deal: Robin and Kristen would swap for a long weekend. I think it was Labour Day. He took care of all of the flight arrangements. I dropped Kristen off at the aeroport and in about an hour, I was returning home with Robin. I have to say, I got the better end of the bargain, though I guess it wasn’t a true swap. He wasn’t going to fuck his niece anyway.

Robin was lucky if she was 5 feet tall and weighed 90 pounds wet. She was another size zero who had no breasts to speak of—a AAA bra would have fit her loosely. She had shaved her pussy before she left as had Kristen. She was blonde, but given her shaven condition, I can’t guarantee she was natural—another benefit of pussy shaving for women. Kristen had thick jet black hair—up and down.

The whole idea for both girls was to do a BDSM weekend. Kristen had done this a few times, but Robin was just curious, so we played it up big time. As was my request, she was wearing a tight ultra short skirt and a loose sheer blouse. I think this is also standard BDSM fashion faire. We were going to go to the mall in Boston. I had some shoe shopping in mind to give the salesmen some shows. After we tired of that, we drove home, mostly chatting and fondling.

I am not big into BDSM, but when that is the expectation, what can you do? These things all seem quite trite to me, but we did the four-point ties to the bed posts, the blindfolds, hot candle wax, multiple orgasms for a helpless her with a vibrator, mutual oral sex, requisite anal penetration with objects—standard faire. As with many stranger BDSM sessions she had a stop word in case things got out of hand. She never had to invoke it.

I was finally ready to get off—the only choice was how. We had already agreed that anal sex would require a condom. I did fuck her ass that way just because, but I was not going to cum in a condom—not with a pretty mouth right there—and I knew she would swallow. It always takes longer for me to cum when I am butt fucking some chick, and condoms only make matters worse. I must have rode her ass for nearly half an hour until her ass was getting so loose, that I didn’t think I would be able to cum. I decided I had better change my plans if I wanted to get off. I wasn’t very creative about the whole thing, but the good thing about wearing a condom when ass fucking is that you can take it off and continue in another hole—not a good practise otherwise. I took off the condom, fucked her pussy fro a minute or two until I was just about to cum, and then I delivered my load into her—perhaps—unsuspecting mouth. She acted surprised, but she took it all in and of course she swallowed like any good woman would.

We played this way for the long weekend, and we parted ways. On Monday, we had to swap back. Her “Master” had bound her pussy with a robe. She flew from Toronto to Boston with a rope around her waist and up her pussy crack the entire way. He smeared vaseline on the rope to cut the friction. Luckily, she didn’t have to pee during the trip.

Together, we recounted our experiences. She told me how he made her expose herself in a department store and sucked his cock dry several times. She admitted that she let him fuck her without a condom, letting him cum inside her. She was a little worried about her judgment, but it all turned out OK.

She saw him another time or two in Boston. I never met Robin again.

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