My Favourite Life

September 29, 2006

Hair Everywhere

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I prefer brunettes. It seems many men in the US are obsessed with blondes—at least the women seem to think so as evidenced by the number of bleach blondes out there. I am partial to dark-haired women with light eyes. Black or dark brown hair is nice, especially with green or blue eyes. Don’t get me wrong. I like blondes, too, but given my choice—and everything else equal—, I’ll take the brunette.

Does the carpet have to match the drapes? Personally, I prefer no carpet—a smooth hardwood floor, but other than that, I don’t care. Green-eyed redheads are nice, too, I have to admit. But redheads are really a mixed bag. Most redheads are sort of pale and flabby, but the 5% who aren’t are absolutely striking.

I have always been into heroin chic: ultra-thin, pallid chicks. You know: size zero. This doesn’t mean that I have something against “normal” chicks or even slightly portly chicks. It’s just a preference. That I like chocolate ice cream shouldn’t preclude me from liking cheesecake, but given a choice, I’ll take the ice cream—or the heroin chick—, preferably with an oral fixation. It helps if she is bisexual, too, even if these days I don’t get out. I am very monogamous, but the thought that she is up to going down on another chick is very pleasant. My wife is bi, but she hasn’t had sex with anyone else since we’ve been married. Every now and again she broaches the topic of how much she would love to eat some chick or another. If she did, it wouldn’t bother me. I wouldn’t mind just watching. She doesn’t really have a thing for breasts, though when she did have sex with women, she wanted her to be well-endowed. Pussy, is her passion when it comes to women. I don’t blame her. I love pussy, too.

Out of time. Gotta go…

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