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October 3, 2006

Truth or Dare

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I was blog-surfing when I came upon this post. It was about a dare some chick followed through on, but I can’t seem to locate her follow-up post any longer. In any case, it sounded enticing, and so here it is. In case you don’t want to visit her blog directly, here’s the deal. Her dare was to go to a movie theatre and leave her panties on he seat as a memento. The catch was she had to wear pants and she had to sit a row in front of a theatre patron. So, she had to take off her pants and panties and then put her pants on. So she would be exposed for a while. Just thinking of catching a chick with her pants down—literally—is quite the turn on.

I have only played Truth of Dare once in a group setting, and it ended up pretty weird. Rule number one: never play Truth or Dare in a group that includes your sister. So, there I was playing Truth or Dare, and I learnt more than anyone needs to about his sister: she likes anal, too; she has gang-bang fantasies, and has been the focus of threesomes and moresomes; she had never been with another woman and finds the concept a huge turn-off. Anyway, earlier in the game my sister admitted that her pussy was shaven. This time somebody thought it would be interesting to dare her to show off her shaved pussy to me for at least a minute. Let me say up front, this was (1) awkward for me, and (2) I have never been attracted to my sister. Nonetheless, she and I went along because (3) I am a guy and (4) a pussy is a pussy. She decided that since the dare only included me—and not everybody else there at the time—that we would go into another room where she would drop her jeans for a minute.

We went into a bedroom while everybody else was waiting. So she says, just tell everybody that I did it and you saw it. Well, I guess I am a bit of an asshole at times, so I told her no. She just had a dare, and she had to fulfill her promise. She gave me a pretty wicked stare and pulled her pants and panties down and back up for maybe 5 seconds. I saw all I needed to see. She was indeed shaven.

“There! Now you’ve seen it, ” she said rather indignantly.

“That was no minute,” I pointed out to her, and I was holding her to it. I told her I had already seen her shaven pussy, so it should be no big deal. With a harrumph, she pulled her pants down around her ankles and stood there for at least a minute. I don’t think she stopped bitching the entire time about how she hoped I enjoyed what I was seeing and such. I did rather scrutinise her pussy, and I told her that it looked like it had been a day or so since she had last done it. I wasn’t paying much attention to the time, but at least a minute when by and she asked if I was satisfied. I told her a minute had probably already passed and she was good to go.

We went back into the room where the others were waiting. She was embarrassed—as, it seemed, were the other guests. The game broke up after that (whew!). She brought it up the next day disparagingly, but we have never talked about it since.

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