My Favourite Life

October 4, 2006

25 Sexual Things About Me

So I have seen these lists on other blogs, so I have joined the bandwagon. Not that anyone cares particularly, but it is my blog, so bear with me.

  • 25. I prefer women with shaven pussies.
  • 24. I don’t mind women sporting a full bush.
  • 23. I have shaven my pubes.
  • 22. My pubes are not currently shorn.
  • 21. I have never had sexual contact with another man.
  • 20. I have had threesomes with another couple.
  • 19. I have had threesomes with two other women.
  • 18. Eighteen is the age I first learned to masturbate. I was shown. Doh!
  • 17. I have fucked a fat chick.
  • 16. I like to be awakened getting a blowjob.
  • 15. I have been married twice.
  • 14. I have been married this time since 1996.
  • 13. I enjoy delivering anal sex.
  • 12. I love to eat pussy.
  • 11. I love to get my cock sucked.
  • 10. I especially love deepthroat.
  • 9. I like 69.
  • 8. I prefer small breasts.
  • 7. I like women with red hair, fair skin, and green eyes.
  • 6. I have had sex in a public place.
  • 5. I have lost at strip poker (twice).
  • 4. I have experimented with BDSM.
  • 3. I have visited a nudist resort (several times).
  • 2. I have fisted a pussy.
  • 1. It wasn’t that interesting.

There you have it.

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