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October 6, 2006

Internet Sex

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So, I was reading this blog that I like and Aliza’s topic is about Internet “dating.” I have had experiences good and bad, and I would like to share a bad one here. I am not going to go the Online Dating 101 route because I am no expert on that.

I was in an online chat group when I came upon a participant, Astra, with whom I was unfamiliar. She was just lurking, so I started a conversation with her. She was an unhappily married woman, and I was in the process of filing for my divorce with Kristen. The forum was focused on D/S BDSM, an area I had dabbled and figured would be a convenient place to pick up chicks. I had already met three people from here, so I thought my chances would be pretty high. I should mention that two of those three were guys who ended up fucking Kristen—only one was a chick I got to fuck.

Anyway, Astra was really Sandra. She was a nurse who worked nights. As it turned out, many nights she claimed to be working to her husband, she was out getting fucked by strangers she met on the Internet and in those local swinger newspapers. She was unhappy with her marriage and had a penchant for big black guys—emphasis on big. While she did want a guy with a large build so she could feel overpowered, she really loved big cocks—the bigger the better. Now, I am hung pretty well, but I wasn’t sure I was up to competing with this. She also let on to the fact she could deepthroat; she loved to be fisted; and she preferred anal sex to all other forms of sex.

If you have read my other posts, you know the anal was important to me. I had never fisted anyone—and, frankly, never even considered it—, and I had never gotten deepthroat. I had thought about that, but I never knew where to start. The point is, I was interested. She sent me some photos and we talked on the phone.

Caveat Number One: When someone sends you photos—assuming they are even of that person—enquire about the date. As it turned out, the photos she sent were about 15 years old, when she was in her early-mid-twenties. She was now in her mid-thirties. I lot could change—and in her case had changed—in this time. They were also shots that you couldn’t determine very well how she actually looked because of odd angles and lighting.

Caveat Number Two: Don’t assume what the person is saying is true.

So, we seemed to have a lot in common. When I would say I was interested in this or that, lo and behold, so was she. Refer to caveat number two. As it turned out, about the only thing we did have in common was a desire to fuck. I was still married at the time, and I tell in an earlier post some of that encounter. When I told Kristen that Sandra and I were going to meet at a hotel in Back Bay and that Sandra loved to be fisted, she immediately chimed in with excitement that she had to be there to fist her. Who would have knew? You can read the details in the other post.

We did meet several times. Eventually we both got divorced, and we—both being on the rebound—ended up moving in together in Los Angeles, where I had lived before and where her sister lived, so it was convenient. Kristen moved to St. Louis to live with a guy Sandra hooked her up with on the Internet. They got married less than a year later, but that’s another story involving a gang-bang honeymoon in San Francisco and a sybian. Ah, romance!

In about a year, our relationship initiated via the Internet came to a close, but not really… Along the way I met my wife, and I haven’t been involved in Internet dating since.

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