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October 23, 2006

Anal Sex — Revisited

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I happen to enjoy anal sex, and as you might expect giving is better than receiving. My first wife, Kristen, really liked anal sex. I had had anal sex before we met, though not with her, but I didn’t find out how much she enjoyed it until after we were married. The topic came up bluntly when she asked me one evening to fuck her in the ass. This came out of nowhere, from left field. She was on all fours, and she said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass. Get some KY.” I have since learnt that KY is not the best for anal sex—we prefer Slippery Stuff for our lubricating needs these days. Who would have turned that down? The question is rhetorical; I happen to know guys who would not take her up on her offer. To each his own.

In any case, I started out slowly, and it was fabulous. She loved it. I said I would say more about Kristen, so here goes. I mentioned that she didn’t like to give head, but this was offset by her willingness to take anal. Our relationship was a utilitarian one—tit for tat, as it were. Occasionally she would want to entice me to do something I didn’t necessarily want to do—dishes, laundry, the lawn, and such. She might make an offer to the effect of, “If you do the dishes, I’ll suck your cock.” Well, as it turned out, when it came time to pay up, about 80% of the time, she would back out of the oral and offer her ass instead. Of course, I didn’t always accept the bait and switch, but I usually did. For her, it was easy since she liked anal in the first place.

When she did end up giving me head, it almost always started out well enough, but her reluctance to my cumming was a distraction to us both. Even though we were together for about 7 years, I was lucky if I got a dozen or so blowjobs in that time. Since I didn’t know she was into anal until past a year into our marriage—and we had anal at least twice a month—, we probably did anal at least 150 times, I figure, but who’s counting—besides me, I ask? I won’t much more than mention the double penetrations she wanted (and got) nearing the dissolution of our marriage.

Speaking of counting, before we were married, we had sex or some flavour at least twice and occasionally thrice a day. After marriage, we dropped down to once a day and (very) occasionally twice. Nowadays, twice a week is a stretch, but more on that later.

As I have said before, my current wife (aka, my wife) isn’t so keen on anal, but we do it about once a month—sometimes skipping a month or two and sometimes twice or thrice in a month. Since she has the deepthroat thing down, she has been slacking on the anal. I think I like oral better than anal, but I wouldn’t want to go without it totally.

My wife—despite her protestations—does enjoy anal sex when we are doing it. Her problem is based around hygiene and her religious upbringing. When she takes it in the ass, she uses a vibrator, first, to distract herself, and second, well, to get off. She has the strongest orgasms when she has something up her ass. The other day—though I didn’t get my cock in her ass—, I did manage to work four fingers in her ass as she presented her ass at the edge of the bed and I ate her. She came so hard, and I was so tempted to stick my cock in her ass, but I resisted and fucked her pussy after she came.

Finally, a word on anal and hygiene. I didn’t figure out until my current wife that it is a good idea for the woman to give herself an enema before taking a cock up her ass. It makes it better for both parties involved, and it is so much cleaner. I can’t empress enough the importance of three factors—after anal hygiene: use lots a lubrication; take it slow; use more lubrication. It turns her on when I lick her asshole as a manner of foreplay. It’s not a pussy, but if she likes it and it gets her in the mood, who I am to argue?

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