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October 25, 2006

Come v. Cum

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And now for something completely different…

In English, should we be writing cum or come when referring to ejaculation, ejaculate, or orgasm? While researching this entry regarding etymology and usage of cum versus come in English to relate to ejaculation or an orgasm, I came—no pun intended—across another entry. The use of come derives from Latin and is used in orther languages, including French and German. In German it is “ich comme” (lit. I come). In French, they say “j’arrive” (lit. I arrive) or “je viens” (lit. I [am] coming). “Je jouis.” is french for “I am having an orgasm.” The original Latin term, cum, is still used today in places like Magna Cum Laude, which gets plenty of double entendre play play throughout. I don’t know how many other languages use this idiom, but either spelling is correct in English.

Speaking of idiomatic usage, I know many women who are extremely offended by certain words of anatomical reference for the vagina. In English, there are many ways to refer to this from the clinical pudenda and vulva to the more common pussy to the more vulgar cunt. For some reason cunt is taken to be more base than these other terms. As a lover of language it never fails to amaze me the connotation and peripheral meanings words take on. It is just as amazing that one word can be seen as better or worse than another. This is yet another sign of repression and overall class separation—a means to create

There is nothing inherently wrong with the word cunt—or for that matter fuck. People are so hung up on these things. There may be a distinction in labelling someone a cunt versus simply labelling the female genitalia, but my point remains. Why should it matter?

Back to my original point. First, even using the clinical terms is shunned.  So-called vulgar usage only makes it worse. We aren’t free to talk about such things.  If I ask a woman, do you shave your legs, she might do a double-take and wonder what the hell I am talking about, but she would be likely to respond and respond truthfully.  Now, if I ask a woman if she shaves her pubic hair—even if she does (and so a negative reaction is hypocritical)—, she would likely be offended and not respond.  If she responded truthfully, my guess is that she would be idignant. That is a private topic. After all, genitals are called private parts.

Why are people so repressed. As I have written previously here. I have spent time at nudist resorts in Palm Springs. I have taken my wife and son, who is in grammar school. The human body is not something we should be ashamed of.  Granted, some humans look better nude than others, but so what? As I have discovered, most people frequenting nudist resorts are average folk, which is to say, overweight, flabby, whatever. It doesn’t matter. I have heard outsiders say about the people at nudist resorts that they are the types who should not show off their less-than-ten bodies. Of course, these are repressed people who think a nude body should be a sexy body—a showcase, model material.  This is closed-minded. By the way, I am one of those average bodies, as is my wife.

But you know what? I love my wife. I love her body. Sure she could lose a few pounds, but she is healthy. I have no problem with that. Would she look better if she lost a few pounds? Sure. Does she think this, too? Yes. Would I love her any more? No. Would sex be any better? No. There is not much of a relationship between being a bit overweight and sexual satisfaction. There si a limit, I am sure, but this doesn’t apply to most people.

Back to cunts. I do not tend to curse or swear. It’s just not me, but I do tend to use these terms in the bedroom, as does she reciprocally.  I’ll say things like, “Your cunt is so tight,” or “Your pussy is so smooth,” or so wet. She will say things, like, “Your cock is so hard,” or “I want to taste your cum.” These uses are endearing in context.  There is no offense when I refer to her cunt. She smiles. She knows what I mean.

On the other hand, if her gynocologist ever said to her, “Your cunt is fine,” I don’t suppose that would go over very well. Speaking of gynecologists—before I end this rambling—, during childbirth she had to deliver by C-section because she wouldn’t dilate past 2 centimetres.  Afterwards, mywife was discussing this with the doctor, a female, who told her, “Your body was built for sex—not for having babies.” She took this as a compliment. One can never tell.


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