My Favourite Life

October 31, 2006

Dungeons and Dragons

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When I lived in Los Angeles, my girlfriend at the time thought it might be a good idea to rent out a sex dungeon, so she did. We arranged for three hours: one with a dominatrix, one with a submissive, and one alone because sex was not allowed when a staff member was present.

We started with the dominatrix, who also happened. She was a tall thin professional dominatrix with at least 6 inch heals—well over 2 meters tall. She was in her mid-thirties and had been a professional dominatrix for over ten years. Although, she didn’t prefer to be undressed for her dominatrix work, but since I was not the submissive, and the customer is always right, she performed in the nude. Her pussy was completely shaven. I didn’t think doms did that sort of thing. Since I am not into the receiving end of such things, so she demonstrated her prowess on my girlfriend—pretty much various flagellating devices and clamps and pincers. I was not too interested in the giving side either, but she wanted me to demonstrate what she had shown me, and so I acquiesced.

It was better to play with the submissive, who was incidentally also into tickling. What can I say? We were not allowed to have sex, but we were allowed to touch in the manner of tickling and spanking and the sort. Photographs were not allowed to be taken of her, as she was a veterinary student trying to make some cash on the side. She didn’t want anyone to shed light on her shadow life. She was a petite cutie. Dark hair and light eyes: my favourite. Her pussy was not shaven—talk about a role reversal—, but it was nicely trimmed and not very full anyway. Now get this: I was not allowed to have sex or touch her goods except by spanking. I couldn’t tickle her pussy, but I could spank it, so the only way I was allowed to touch her pussy was to spank it. Hey, you take what you can, right? Her pussy ended up getting well spanked, and I tickled her for about half the time. Believe me, I would have rather dove in and ate her sweet little pussy until she came a dozen times, but that was off limits. I was allowed to tickle her small breasts, but breasts aren’t very ticklish. It didn’t stop me from trying, and trying, and trying, and trying…. Silly me.

Well, after all of that the staff had left the room. It was a pleasant stay that far. I almost hate to admit it, but the rest was anti-climactic…well, sort of. I did get some nice deepthroat, and I did cum. I was pretty excited from the two-hours of, let us say, foreplay. My girlfriend got herself off, and it was done. It was interesting enough—an experience—, but I can’t say I would need to do it again, but I would recommend it to be done at least once just for the fun of it.

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