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November 14, 2006

Revisiting Revisiting

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Only yesterday, I made a post I had with my wife that led to my wondering if my wife wanted to be raped, particularly by me. I had written it before the weekend. Well, I revisited the topic with her when she wasn’t in the same mood. I was left in the air because I didn’t believe she meant what she said, but rather she said it when she was angry. So I sent her an email summarising the earlier conversation—pretty much what I posted yesterday—, to which she responded, “I though we already resolved this”—but nothing more. I was left thinking, what exactly was resolved and what was the resolution. Sometimes she complains about my lack of communication, but this is what I am left with, and I need it to be clarified. When I got home, I continued the conversation. It went something like this.

Me: “So you say if I want sex, I should just take it.”

Her: “Yes. That is what I need you to do.”

Me: “What if I want to do anal?” There is typically preparation for this including enemas and the like. I have had plenty of anal sex where the woman, including her, did not have an enema first, but it is much better for both parties if the area is cleansed first. Plus she likes to set down an old sheet over the normal sheets just in case.
Her: “Well, not anal.”

Me: “What about oral?” I am thinking forced oral sex is somewhat more traumatic than vaginal sex.

Her: “Well, not really.”

Me: “So, If I want your pussy, that’s ok, but if I want anything else, then I am out of luck.”

Her: “I thought we agreed we would have sex at least twice a week.”

Me: “We did talk about that, but I am trying to pin down your position on taking what I want when I want it. What happened to that?”

Her: “I don’t know.”

Me: “That’s why I leave it up to you. I give you many cues when I am ready—short of just taking what I want. Let’s fuck, then.”

Her: “I’m not really in the mood. Get some Slippery Stuff and fuck me then.”

And so we fucked. Not romantic. Not rape. Not as satisfying as other times. I didn’t get to go down on her. Saturday night we had sex again. I ate her until she came, and then we fucked in a missionary position. When I was getting ready to cum, I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth instead of in her pussy. She said OK, and I straddled her face for the last couple of strokes, and I emptied my load in her pretty mouth, and of course she swallowed. I waited a bit too long, so I had to rush to make it to her mouth, but it felt great. The best thing about cumming in her mouth is there is no mess like there is with vaginal or anal sex—and no wet spot.

I think we were both satisfied, but I am still not sure where the true resolution to just taking what I want lies. Time will tell…

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