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November 15, 2006

A Pair in the Hand

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Well, so not in the hand…

So unfair. So I am on a conference call and the girl across the table has a deep scoop top with a loose bra, and she keeps leaning forward to reveal her ample cleavage. I try as hard to stare as I try not to. This girl has a full C-cup, but she is otherwise not very attractive—plus she walks like she has a cock permanently stuck up her ass but with an exaggerated wiggle. Her face is decidedly unattractive with a pasty complexion. She has a Roman nose and strange lips, but her breasts presented like that? It’s not fair. As the saying goes, God divides.

For about half an hour I had to endure trying simultaneously to look down her blouse and not to look down her blouse. It was a further challenge because there were other people in the room. I have a friend that was caught staring at some breasts by another girl I knew. She didn’t say anything at the moment to spare the one being ogled, but when she left, he never heard the end of it. Who needs that?

Given some of the other blogs I have been reading, I wondered would I ever fuck her? What if we were alone in the conference room and she dropped her top. Would I go for it—despite the fact she is otherwise repulsive? What if she offered to suck my cock? Would I complain about her crooked mouth? What if I were single? What if I hadn’t had sex in a few months? I wonder.

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