My Favourite Life

November 15, 2006

Searching for Sex

I know I just posted, but after I did, I took a look at the search terms people used to get here today. I couldn’t help but to post them. Enquiring minds want to know. Does anybody notice a trend?

“25 sexual things”
“fucking her ass crack”
“gag reflex”
“gagged on my cum”
“i want sex”
“lost at strip poker”
“removed her bra” cock
“sex blogs” “7 inches”
“truth or dare””my sister””her pussy”
2 lesbians want cock
anal sex
ass sex
best anal toys
bondage and discipline
convince girlfriend to shave
convince shave her
cum in her mouth
cumming in her mouth
Cunnilingus 2006
deep throat oral sex
female oral
flacid cock
he was uncircumcised
her first blowjob
hot to deepthroat without gagging
how not to have razor burns on pussy whe
how to give deep throat gag reflex
lubricate help with deepthroating
men wearing panties
mfl anal
molested in less than 30 seconds
my favourite breasts
my favourite life
My favourite life wordpress blog
my wife takes three cocks
pantyhose on under my swimsuit
pubic shaving
puke on my cock
puke while deepthroat
saliva deepthroat
sandra undressed
sex blowjob suck cock
shaved her pussy
she grabbed my wife’s breasts
she puked on my cock
strip poker
try anal
teach my wife deepthroat
teach my wife to deep throat
tight pussy
ussy woman
wife how to deepthroat
wife threesome

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