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November 16, 2006

Fixer Uppers

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My future wife was sporting a Mohawk the first time I saw her. She was attractive, but I had no designs on her. It was March 1987. She had just turned 18 a few days before. I didn’t see her again until the Summer. By this this her Mohawk had mostly grown in, and she was with her boyfriend wearing a bikini in a swimming pool at my sister’s place. I had a history of picking damaged women to date—fixer uppers. She was no exception.

We dated for 2 years before marrying. We are divorced, and I admit I made a mistake. My friends and family tried to talk me out of marrying her, but I wouldn’t hear any of it. I have learned that marriage should not be based on appearance, the willingness to have lots of sex, and other shared interests. It needs to be more than that.

When we got divorced, she told a friend that her biggest issue with me as that I disapproved of her doing drugs. Of all things. I did mentioned earlier that I had a penchant for Heroin Girls. When I met her she was into smoking pot and crack. I guess I was addicted to another crack, and she gave me all I wanted of that crack. I let her know I did not want her doing drugs, and by and large she quit. She did revert to her old habits a few times, but she always felt bad thereafter—that is except for the pot. She smoked that at a girlfriend’s house unbeknownst to me, but she resented that I wouldn’t condone her habits.

I thought I could fix her. To some extent I did, but I learnt a lesson. You can’t change someone. You can only accept them—or reject them—as they are. If you don’t like some “minor” attribute, don’t think that it is only minor and you can fix it. Either learn to accept it (and don’t criticise the person for that trait) or move on.

This is one problem my wife has with me. Even though I have never cheated on her (or my first wife for that matter), I met her during a menage-à-trois with my then-girlfriend. She first, she would never entertain another menage-à-trois and more importantly, she wonders about my integrity. Despite my rantings and ramblings here, I have no intention of cheating on her. It is not in me.

Now for the honesty part. While I have no intention of cheating, I sometimes wonder. What if I am in a situation where some attractive woman actually comes onto me? While I think I could say no, I am not sure, and I wonder how many guys actually would? I say this from experience, but not in the context of marriage. I wrote about this a while ago when the niece of my girlfriend came right out and whispered to me, “I know what you want,” and she grabbed my crotch—there’s that word again. I immediately reciprocated. I didn’t even give it a second thought. Here I was with a young and beautiful woman who was coming on to me. I don’t recall how much detail I gave in my previous post (and I don’t feel like going back to loo0k it up), but essentially she told me, “I dreamt we were taking a shower together and I was sucking your cock.” What do you suppose my response was?

Of course my response was, “Hey, let’s perform a reenactment,” and so we did. We took a shower together, soaping each other quite well. My girlfriend had a big mouth—she couldn’t keep a secret. She told her niece some sexual details of our relationship including that I liked to give anal and preferred shaven women. Well, the niece was never going to take anal from me. She was nervous even to expose her ass to me doggie-style until I assured her it was her pussy I was aiming for—but I would not object to fucking her ass should she change her mind. More importantly, she had shaven for me.

As a humourous aside regarding her shaven pussy, we had gone swimming to a place with a public changing area—one for the women and one for the men. My girlfriend and she changed together. That evening my girlfriend—the one with the big mouth—told me that she wasn’t sure if she saw correctly but she thought her niece was shaven. Of course I wasn’t in a position to tell her she was right. She had shaven just once because she knew all along what her intentions were. Once a few weeks had passed and I asked her to touch up her shave job, she said she didn’t want to because it was starting to itch as it was growing in. (She didn’t buy my line that shaving again would solve that problem.)

Where was I? So anyway, while we were in the shower, she sucked my cock for a while before we retreated to the comfort of my bedroom. I went down on her until she came, and then I had her finish the blowjob. Interestingly enough (to me anyway) is that although she had sucked cock before, she had only done it as foreplay. She had never taken a cumshot in her mouth and she had never swallowed. She wanted me to fuck her, but I was happy right where I was. I kept telling her, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” I had a feeling she was nervous about taking a cumshot in the mouth, but I wanted what she was giving, and she didn’t stop giving. When I started cuming, she thought she was done, but I had to hold her head down telling her I wasn’t done yet, to keep her mouth on my cock and keep the motion going. I let her know when I was done. She had a mouthful of cum she obviously didn’t know what to do with. I knew she didn’t want to swallow, but I convinced her it was alright. It was already in her mouth, swallowing it would be no big thing. It wasn’t, and for the next month we were together, she knew what I wanted, and she didn’t complain. I am pretty sure no one had even gone down on her before either because she really, really wanted that a lot, and of course I obliged. We had a great time together, despite the fact I was dating her aunt. I saw her once after that—a week-long visit to my girlfriend’s relatives—, but she wasn’t interested in picking up where we left off. O! well. One shouldn’t be greedy.

O! no. I’ve done it again. I’ve gone off topic. Damn!

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