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November 17, 2006


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Some women complain about being objectified. What is objectification, and is the objectification women a bad thing? If so, is it always bad? I can’t speak for other men, but I objectify women, which is to say I view them as sexual objects. I don’t see women for that sole purpose, but generally—especially outside of marriage—my primary purpose for interacting with a woman on a personal level—not the woman behind the counter at a department store or anything—is to determine if she is someone I would like to bring home. Of course her perspective may be an outright no, but I am talking about my perspective irrespective of hers. These are independent events.

Unless I am “meeting” this woman over the phone or by Internet, my first impression will be her appearance. I know many women complain that men overly use this appearance litmus test, but first impressions are typically visual. Eventually, we might actually come to speak with this person, but that comes later. So before that, we are left with a visual impression—and if close enough an olfactory or auditory impression.

When it comes to vision, we see things like height, posture, build, proportions, style of dress, general hygiene, overall appearance. More specifically, we might be able to imagine what she might look like in the nude. We might notice the size and shape of her breasts and the shape of her ass. Sometimes you might try to imagine her crotch—I hate that word. In my case, I would wonder if she was shaven or would be otherwise amenable to the idea. I might look at her speaking from a distance, in which case I would look at her lips and see if they are the perfect full blowjob lips or the thinner less appealing lips. I am not sure I have ever “dated” (read: had sex with) a woman with thin lips. If so, she wasn’t memorable. I don’t know that I would rule out a woman with thin lips, but now that I mention it, it seems to have worked out that way, so far. Hopefully, I won’t be on that market for a long time, if ever. But speaking of thin lips, I have imagined having my cock sucked by a woman with thin lips, and it isn’t even interesting in my imagination. I wonder if it could be interesting in real life? Men!

Objectification. Is that reducing a woman to her constituent parts? I know women tend to do this, too. It is just that they objectify different parts. I think women focus on two major components: semen and wallet. The rest is secondary—or tertiary. men want something else, some of which is physical, and a lot is overlooked for that benefit, but which comes back to bite us in longer term relationships.

Even though I make my initial assessment on appearance, I have dated women who were otherwise below my standards, if I have standards. This is because I can see past appearance to see other positive attributes. I think there is a limit to that, too. I’m only human.

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