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November 20, 2006

Public Sex

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So I was reading a blog entry on public sex (and public-ish sex), and I thought I’d try to put a list together of my own experiences in this realm.

First, I have had sex in three-somes and more-somes, but I don’t know if that counts.

I have had sex in front of a hotel window several times, all of which were above the 10th floor or so, so I don’t know if that counts either.

I wrote previously about backseat sex I had with a girlfriend whose sister was driving at the time. That might count for two: one for the sister and one for the automobile.

Speaking of automobiles, I have had several blowjobs while driving and masturbated a girlfriend while she was driving—though that was tougher than it seems. I was once driving when a women made herself cum with a vibrator. All public.

I have had sex in campsites and on the beach, but under a towel. I have had sex in the Pacific Ocean—rather the attempt was made. Neither of us actually came.

I have had sex in the change-room of a clothing store.

I am not sure that having sex with someone in the next room who may come in at any time counts, but I’ll mention it.

One of my favourites was watching two girls get each other off in a club…not to mention in the car before (and after) we got there.

I am not sure I will ever have an opportunity to do this again—or more to the point, I don’t think my wife would be up to it again, despite her having been one with whom I have done this previously. It has been many years. Nothing more comes to mind.

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