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November 21, 2006

I’ve Got Nothing

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So, this weekend my wife picked up sex novelty sex cards, but they weren’t nearly as adventurous as the ones we made ourselves a few years back. I am not really sure of the point. Basically, there was a spinner and some cards. The spinner pointed to one of two categories and something called probing thought. The categories were foreplay and XXX. Probing thoughts revolved around revealing “intimate secrets and fantasies,” while the cards ran along the lines of “Kiss my [blank],” “Lick my [blank],” or “Stroke my [blank].” You’ve got the idea.

So I am supposed to draw the type of card the spinner tells me, so for example, if I get “Caress my [blank],” my [blank] would almost always by my cock. Where’s the adventure? Maybe it’s just me.

My wife suggested we try playing strip poker. Again, I am confused. We have been married over ten years. I have seen her nude thousands of times. While I am not opposed to the idea—especially where the winner chooses the sex at the end—, but I don’t see the run up. This is a game for otherwise strangers, or am I missing something? Since the end game is to decide who decides the act—winner take all—, the only thing that matters is the last hand. We could simply draw cards—high card wins.

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