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November 22, 2006

Aliza’s World

So, I don’t know Aliza, but I do enjoy reading her blog entries. UK Girl is back, and I hope she sticks around for a while. Most importantly, I enjoy her photographs. Not that I don’t enjoy her writing, too, I do. As a matter of fact, it is nice to read about what someone is doing or has done. I don’t mind fantasy, but I want real life and reactions. Aliza does this.

As for the photographs, she is pleasant to look at—nice complexion, medium-sized, mid-brown nipples, perhaps a B-cup. She has a nice shape to her body and has a nice ass. She appears to keep her pussy shaven, though I might complain about stubble at times. 🙂 Of course you know I think her pussy looks simply delicious. Her lips—the ones on her face (I shoudl be clear on this)—aren’t as full as some, but they look like my cock would be quite at home there, and of course she swallows. What’s not to like?

As for her writing, she gives details of what she likes and recounts sexual meetings. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of sex. It is a shame more women cannot approach sexuality like this. It seems she likes these things. She enjoys mild BDSM with a taste of D/S. She like double penetration—I presume she means vaginal-anal, but she doesn’t say, though she does she she likes anal toys. She likes vaginal fisting. Her exhibitionism fits nicely with her liking to have her clothes chosen for her. Any bloke worth his salt would see these two are entirely related. Although she likes to exhibit herself, she prefers her humiliation to be a private affair. Luckily for me, she likes to model for erotic photos. Keep it up! And she doesn’t mind multiple partners. This is a pretty liberal woman. I’ve dated this sort. For me, they haven’t been keepers, but they sure are fun while it lasts. Carpe diem.

I skipped over the fantasy rape item, as I have recently been dealing with this issue with my own wife. My wife is into fantasy in general, including rape and policeman fantasies—the latter best being enjoyed together. She has frequent fantasies of being pulled over by a policeman in a secluded area where she is then taken to a deserted cabin, bound, and raped. I guess I should elaborate, but I don’t know if I have the time. I think you can use your imagination. She has lesser fantasies where she simply is forced to suck his cock in order to get out of paying a ticket. She has asked me throughout her marriage to rape her, including just last week. Personally, I think this could quickly get out of hand. If you are both role-playing rape and she says stop or no, does she mean it or is it simply the role play. I guess you could work out safe words, but I don’t know. Some of the problem lies in the execution.

While I don’t really have (m)any sexual fantasies, per se, my wife has a few standards, some of which she introduced into the bedroom. Are guys really into role play because although I am not many women I have known are. I just go along. Besides the rape and police fantasies, she has an underage fantasy where she is a girl from a poor family who prostitutes her for money, specifically a very low amount like $5 for the night, where she has do do whatever the patron desires. She deosn’t always tell me in advance or in the act, but I can tell she is imagining this by her actions. For this, she is almost always freshly shaven and she wants me to fuck her with her legs closed, representing, I suppose, a reluctance. In a similar realm she has a stepfather fantasy, too, where she reluctently agrees to please “daddy.” I don’t even have to participate in my mind. Unless she tells me, I don’t know what she is thinking. It is just fantasies she uses to help her to cum.

My wife prefers vaginal sex to oral sex to anal sex. I think I have the same order of preference. The problem is she offers these things proportionately. If I didn’t say anything, she would probably do about 90% vaginal, 10% oral, and leave the rounding error to anal sex. Since I do say something, the split is more along the lines of 60% vaginal, 25% oral, and 15% anal. She says I focus too much on anal and oral, but the fact is I know on most days she will allow me access to her pussy, so I take this as a given and focus on the other two entries. Is that so bad?

Where was I? Oh yeah, Aliza’s world.

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  1. She is definitely sexy.

    Thanks for introducing us to Aliza’s world.

    Comment by Authentic Woman — November 22, 2006 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

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