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November 27, 2006

Figure Drawing

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I took an art class: figure drawing. Before you get the wrong idea, I have taken many art classes, but I do enjoy the human figure, most particularly the female figure. This particular class was an evening class at a local community college. We met for about 3 1/2 hours a session and typically had a between one and three models in a given session. For one particular class where only one model was scheduled, she cancelled, and so a debate ensued whether to cancel the class as well and make it up on another day.

During these deliberations, one girl volunteered to be the model. She was a young, petite, natural blonde—a tad quirky. The instructor made sure she was serious, and so we had a model and class went on as planned. She was in good shape, had a well-shaped and trimmed bush—I already said she was blonde—and perky little breasts. If you are into figure drawing, you probably know that some of the challenge and interest is to draw non-perfect bodies—something a little different. Well, I had no complaints.

Why am I bothering to to relate this here? Well, after the class was over, it turned out this chick was only 17. Oops! Nobody thought to ask.

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