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December 7, 2006

Morning Sex and Anal Attraction

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So, perhaps less seriously than the “6 Weird Things about Me,” I wanted to write about sex this morning, but here is some background:

  1. I don’t prefer sex in the morning. I am a sex-before-bed guy. Afternoon sex is fine, too.
  2. I don’t prefer sex in water. This includes showers, bathtubs, hot-tubs, pools, and oceans.
  3. I don’t prefer sex while standing.
  4. I don’t prefer to eat a pussy after I have cum in it.
  5. I don’t mind fucking a woman on her period, but some women I know feel otherwise.

The water doesn’t come into play this morning, not does the standing. I have done each of these—even the first three all at once fairly recently, having gotten a nice morning blowjob in the shower—, but that wasn’t this morning.

This morning my wife awoke before I did. The alarm would be going off in about 15 minutes, so she wanted me to spoon with her, to cuddle. She she turned her back to me and moved her body closer to mine. Getting the hint, I moulded myself into her, all the more exciting my morning wood, grinding it into her ass while cupping her breast in my hand. She pushes back. She loves the feeling of my cock against her ass. I like this, too, but I start feeling I would like my cock buried in her ass.

I back off a bit, and start pushing the head of my cock against her asshole. Of course, as with asses, it doesn’t self-lubricate and isn’t receptive to penetration this way. But I do get excited. I wet the tip of my cock with spit just to try to get it inside. She doesn’t resist. In fact, she pushes back against me. It’s not going to work. Even if I get my cock in, we don’t have any lubrication nearby.

Pussies on the other hand, are self-lubricating. So, while her ass wouldn’t work out this morning, her pussy was dripping by now. I repositioned myself, and I found a sheath for my sword. Spooning isn’t the best position for me to have sex, but I take what I can get. We fucked for about five minutes, and it was over. I had a nice muted orgasm. I kept my cock inside her for another few minutes and then rolled over. Still two minutes until the alarm was to go off, so I turned it off and went under the covers and ate her until she quickly came.

The day had begun with a bang. Off to the shower, and out the door. Work begins in about a minute, but the day started out just fine.

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