My Favourite Life

December 11, 2006


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My birthday was Friday, but I am only writing now. Number 45. I like to have “different” sex on my birthdays. Lately, I have been in an anal mood, and I expected that is how I would celebrate my birthday. In preparation, my wife shaved her pussy smooth in the morning, as she knows that is always a hit with me. It works every time. I had something to look forward to that afternoon or evening, or so I thought.

As days go, this was busy. We are in the process of moving residences about 50 miles south of where we live now, though we have over a month, we have been moving household items, painting, and so on. By the time we got back to our regular place, it was late, and she wasn’t in the mood for anal, or more to the point, wasn’t up for all of the preparation with the enema and all of that. Besides, we couldn’t get the little one settled into bed. I was already getting disappointed, not only that I wasn’t going to get to do anal for my birthday, but that I wouldn’t even get to enjoy her shaven pussy. She was complaining of being tired—never a good sign.

Once we finally settled ourselves for the evening, at least it look like we would be having sex, and so we did. I got to enjoy seom intimate time eating her smooth pussy, and she is always in a better mood after she has an orgasm. After she came, she asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass, but she said she didn’t want to do the enema thing and didn’t want me to fuck her ass without that. She offered to give me head, and so I was OK with that.

I should have guessed she had something in store for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. She started sucking my cock slowly, luxuriously, like she knows how to do and has done so many times before. Then was the surprise, she just kept going down, deeper, deeper, and deeper, all the way down her throat. It had been a while since she gave me deepthroat. What a more fitting time than for my birthday present. I don’t know if she had planned this all along, or decided it was just a perfect substitute for anal. Every time she took my cock down all the way, I felt like I would explode, but I didn’t. She would take me all the way down her throat, and then she would come up for air, and start the cycle again and again. At last, when I couldn’t hold back any longer—and she knew it—, she went all the way down one last time, and I came what felt like gallons. I grabbed the back of her head and held her in place until I finished cumming, which seems like forever—for the both of us, I am sure. When I let go, she surfaced, and took a deep breath. I could tell she was pleased to have delivered such a nice birthday gift. Of course, I was quite pleased, too.

I am so thrilled she has taken the time to perfect her oral skills, especially the deepthroat. While I don’t get enough of that, I feel fortunate when I did. To say the least, I had a happy birthday. I hope I don’t have to wait until next year for another deepthroat, and there is still the matter of her ass.

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