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December 22, 2006

Sexual Dreaming

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I was working very late last night when my wife called to check in on me. She had just awoken from a weird erotic dream, and she felt compelled to recount the details to me.

In the dream she was running from a tall man—maybe 6’3″ or 6’4″who was chasing her. After some time she realised she couldn’t get away and she was getting too tired to keep running, so she stopped.

She decided she wanted to have sex with this stranger, and so next they were both undressed and she noticed he had a huge cock—hung like a horse, essentially, the size of a litre soda bottle. This really turned her on all the more, and she was well-fucked by this guy with a monster cock—strentching your pussy to its limits—until she came simultaneously with him.

When they were done, she decided she didn’t want to hang around with him, so she started running again. She ran into another guy in an old car. She was afraid of him, though less-so than the first guy. She was cautious to make sure the car’s windows and doors opened from the inside. Satisfied that all was well, she hopped into the car and decided she wanted to have sex with this guy as well.

She said she started going down on him, and next they were naked and fucking. She came, and she decided she didn’t want to be with this guy either. She got out of his car and started running. She took his backpack, which she thought might have some money in it.

Next, she was drinking and got very drunk. She got naked and started beating on his car and jumping on it. The owner of the car returned, and she became frightened and started running away again. When he caught up to her, the first guy showed up again, and chased away the second guy. She decided she wanted to have sex with him again, and so she did.

Then she awoke, obviously very horny, and she called me to give me the details. Unfortunately, I was not at home to reap the rewards of her heightened sexual state. Doh!

She does have some wild dreams. When I finally got home some hours later, I got myself to sleep imagining her getting fucked by the tall guy. Of course, I embellished my version a little having her take his huge cock in all three places—taking him vaginally, orally, and anally—, until finally he came buckets in her ass.

She seems to have generally dated guys with big cocks. She says was never intentional; she just usually got that. Of course, she does seem to be obsessed more with large cocks. I am well-hung enough—no complaints, but I know a few guys with larger cocks than me, and she has mentioned previous lovers with larger cocks. She has also told me about the pencil dicks.

My first wife didn’t like large cocks. She even complained about the size of mine. This, she said, was one reason she liked to do anal, because her ass was more receptive to the size. Strange as it seems, this is opposite to my current wife, who says my cock is too large to do too much anal. She says if I were smaller, she would take my cock in her ass more often.

I am going to be taking a couple of days off from writing, but until next time, Happy Holidays!

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