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December 29, 2006

Sexual Accomplishments

So I thought in the spirit of lists, I would put together a list of sexual accomplishments. Truth be told, there is not much in the sexual realm left undone—that I have any interest in, anyway. Many of the things I have done, I never started out to do them—they just happened, and most of them I enjoyed. Some of these I have decided to work into my standard repertoire. My list will be coded with asterisks. An entry with no asterisk means that I wanted to do it, and I did it. A single asterisk (*) means I did it, but I had no interest beforehand. A double asterisk (**) means I did it, I had no particular interest beforehand, and I wouldn’t care if I never did it again. After all of this, I will try to put together a list of things I still haven’t done, but on some level might like to do. This list will probably not be exhaustive. It will be cobbled together in a stream of consciousness, and I will likely have to revisit the list to fill in items I have somehow forgotten. Here goes…

  • Run-of-the-mill vaginal intercourse
    • Missionary
    • Doggy
    • Spooning
    • Variations
  • Anal intercourse (giving)
    • Missionary
    • Doggy
    • Spooning
    • Variations
  • Anal intercourse (taking) with a dildo **
  • Gotten a blowjob
    • She swallows
    • She spits **
    • She gets a facial
    • She gets a pearl necklace (or other various body place)
    • Snowball Kiss **
    • Gotten Deepthroat *
  • Eaten Pussy
  • 69
  • Fisted a pussy **
  • Tittie Fucking
  • Masturbated
  • Gotten a handjob
  • Masturbated a woman
    • with a vibrator/dildo
  • Shaved a pussy
  • Shaved my pubes **
  • Threesome
    • MFM + Sandwich (double penetration of female partner)
    • MFF + Lesbian Action
  • Foursome (swapping in the same room)
  • Moresome (orgy)
  • Gangbang *
  • Had sex with a non-participant watching
  • Swapping (partners in different regions—different countries, even) *
  • S&M (both sides, mild and moderate) *
  • D&S (both sides) *
  • Bondage (both sides) *
  • Visited a sex dungeon *
  • Tickled a girl until she peed *
  • Visited a prostitute
  • Had sex with an Asian woman
  • Had sex with a Black woman
  • Had sex with a Latina woman
  • Had sex with a redhead
  • Had sex with a blonde
  • Had sex with a brunette
  • Made a porn video where I had sex
  • Made a porn film where I was not an active participant (just filming)
  • Had sex in a public place
  • Had sex in a public place where we weren’t hidden from view **
  • Had sex in a moving vehicle
  • Been caught having sex **
  • Watersports *
  • Used food during sex
  • Role-played during sex
  • Played strip poker resulting in sex
  • Had a one-night stand
  • Had sex in the shower
  • Had sex in a Jaccuzzi
  • Had sex in the ocean
  • Had sex on the beach
  • Had sex in a restroom **
  • Had sex under the stars
  • Had sex with two women on the same night unbenounced to the other
  • Came four times in a single night **
  • Had sex in prison **
  • Had sex in my office during lunchtime
  • Had sex with a midget *
  • Nudist Resort / Nude Beach

As for what I haven’t done, I have never had sex with a virgin, but I don’t know that I actually care if I do. I have never had sex on an aeroplane or other public transportation. I have never gotten a blowjob from a woman with a tongue piercing or eatten a pierced pussy. These might be nice, but they aren’t realy a goal. I have never had sex (knowingly) with a Jewish woman. I had a girlfriend who wanted me to fist her ass, but “even” I wouldn’t do that. Like I said, I wouldn’t mind repeating many of these things—and in fact often do—, but there is nothing I feel I have missed out on. I have had sex with women of various ages, shapes, and sizes. I have only missed out on having sex with someone from two continients—Antarctica and Australia. Are there any women from Antarctica?

I guess I started a list like this in October, but in the sprit of the end of the year, why not try again?

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