My Favourite Life

December 29, 2006

What it feels like for a woman to be fucked and more…

So here is a post where a women describes how it feels for her to be fucked. I just thought I’d share her post and her blog here. (I fixed the link. Doh!)

And since I am making an entry here from work, I figured I’d mention again my fascination with Lisa’s lips. Christ! What I would give to have the opportunity to slip my cock between her full lips and down into her tight throat. Forget the throat—those blowjob lips. I wonder if there is a guy around who doesn’t think the same thing every time he sees her lips. It also makes me wonder if she has a really full, puffy pussy. Is there a general association? I hadn’t noticed. I am sure I could eat her for days, but still, those lips.

Her lips are in the category of an Angelina Jolie—just made to suck cock. I wonder if she makes good use of them or if they go unused. Of all the chicks in the office, she is on the top of my list—at least for today. Not that she knows or cares, but… Just one time—that’s all I ask. Is it too much to ask? My wife, she has great blowjob lips—but not like Lisa.

Of course, just because she has the lips doesn’t mean she knows how to use them, but I could teach her. I am patient.

Just for a weekend, I’d like to have her. Take her around the block a few times. Take her everywhich way. Show her the ropes. I’d shave her pussy bare, if it isn’t already that way. It is funny, I don’t see women as having shaven pussies, even if that is my preference. I guess it is because I feel most women see that as something naughty. Anyway, after that, I would eat her shaven pussy for hours—until she couldn’t cum again. I would fuck her for a few minutes, but my mind would be on her lips, feeling them wrapped around my cock. Enjoying the moment, I couldn’t resist teaching her how to deepthroat after all, so I would start to fuck her face, working my cock down her throat. She can do it, I say. Once she has that down, sixty-nine comes to mind, and I could work some fingers into her ass for the grand finale, all the while she continues to deepthroat me in that position.

Before I got too close to cuming, it would be time to fuck her in the ass. I don’t imagine she would be too experienced in this, so I would go slower than usual. She would hesitate once my cock started to burrow into her tight ass, and I would let up for a moment, only to continue pushing my cock into her ass deeper and deeper until it couldn’t go in any further. Once she got used to my cock in her ass, I would start pumping, pumping, pumping her ass until it was nice and relaxed, and she could relax, too, and begin to enjoy the sensation. It takes longer to cum when butt-fucking, but there always comes that time when you have to release, and so I would. I imagine having a strong orgasm, squirting hot cum into her well-fucked ass.

Hmm… back to work.

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