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December 31, 2006

The Year in Review and Resolutions for 2007

2006 has been a so-so year versus the average married couple in the US, but in terms of our marriage, it has been a stellar year vis-à-vis sex. I used to be a statistician, and so I tend to evaluate everything I can numerically. Sex is no different. According to stats, if you can believe them, the average married couple in the US has sex between 120 and 130 times a year. This is less than some other countries and more than in others. We had sex just over half of that—just over 70 times.

This was broken down somewhat as follows:

  • Vaginal: 40 times—over half, and an all-time high for us
  • Oral: 21—a couple shy of our high-water mark in 2003
  • Anal: 8. This was way off of our high of 22 times, also in 2003.
  • Handjobs: 2. This is about average for us.
  • Shaving: 11—She shaved her pussy clean just about once a month. This was also a high mark for us.

I’d like to shoot for about 100 next year—about twice a week, give or take. We’ll have to see. In light of her recent sprirituality kick, the jury is still out on this. The way it is looking from here and now is that the vaginal and oral entries will reach new highs. Many of these categories sink to zero, so it woudl be difficult to reach new lows. Looking back, the lows in these categories look like this:

  • Vaginal: 18 in 2003. This is because this was a busy year for other means.
  • Oral: 2 in 2001
  • Anal: 0 in 2002 and 2004
  • Handjobs: 0 in 2001
  • Shaving: 0 in 2002.

I am so glad these lows didn’t all happen in the same year. Even if all of the highs happened in the same year, I would only be looking at 88 times. I have to work on this.

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