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January 11, 2007

Fun with Gynecologists

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So, I have two humourous gyn stories that came to mind, having read the latest entry by the Notorious V-A-G, who is probably sick to death of my attention to her blog by now.

The first story involves a girl I was dating, which is to say a girl I was fucking. I can’t say I could have considered a girl a girlfriend unless there was sex involved, so I guess not only fucking. Anyway, we decided to have some afternoon sex before her scheduled trip to her gynecologist. Before her exam, her gynecologist was asking her about her safe sex behaviour. “Of course I always use protection,” she replied. Well, the proof was in the pudding—if I might be so bold—, when she spread her legs for the doc, he was visibly upset to see the evidence of our unprotected sexual encounter some hour or so before. The appointment had to be rescheduled becuase he said he couldn’t see what he needed to see—whatever that was—with all of that semen in the way.

The second story involves my current wife who had shaven her pussy, but no one but me had seen it shorn. She hadn’t thought about it until she undressed for her gynecologist, at which point she became embarrassed. On the table, her gynecologist—a female—made a comment about her new look. My wife replied immediately—pointing to me sitting in the corner—that I preferred her that way, and that she wanted to make me happy. Well, it worked. This is the same gynecologist that—when she asked why she didn’t dilate more than 2 cm during childbirth, therefore having to deliver by C-section—she was built for sex not childbearing. Hmmm… I had to agree.

A short digression before I end this: another shaven pussy episode occurred in a public change room at a swimming. Again, this was a while ago before she got used to sporting a hairless pussy. She had noticed several women and girls looking at her while she changed and showered, not remembering that she was clean-shaven. When she noticed, she sort of freaked out a bit and got dressed, and had to berate my preference for shaven women. Luckily for me, this is now her preference, too. She is no longer freaked out when people notice she is bare below.

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  1. Sick of attention? Me???

    The only thing my gyno has ever said about shaving v. not shaving is this:


    Apparently, pubic hair is your first line of defense against STDs that are transmitted through skin to skin contact, like genital warts and the herp, and that shaving can create irritation and small micro-abrasions (teeny cuts) through which viruses can pass.

    So, I guess her point (and mine) is to remind people that there are other concerns to ponder besides aesthetics, you know?

    Comment by notoriousv — January 13, 2007 @ 8:44 pm | Reply

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