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January 12, 2007

Search Term of the Week

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So, this isn’t exactly the best search term, but it caught my eye. Besides, I don’t see the relevance to my blog:

underage fantasy

Nowhere do I use this phrase, but I was thinking. What if you were a guy and were stranded on a deserted island—think Cast Away with Tom Hanks—no one around for miles and years. Only this time you are stranded with an underage girl. Just so as not to get too many people offended, she shouldn’t be too far underage.

The first catch, I suppose, is how do you define underage. There is a jurisdictional distinction as to age of consent. It caries by locality. In the middle of an uncharted island? Who knows. This detail aside, say she is otherwise physically mature, you have been stranded for weeks with no sign of other human life—specifically no rescuers. Weeks turn into months, and still no one. It gets lonely. For all intents and purposes, you expect to die on this island. What do you do? Enquiring minds want to know.

See, the problem is it doesn’t work quite the same if it were a woman and an underage male. For one thing, the cultural stigma is not the same. There is a double-standard. Perhaps the results would be similar.

I am a guy. Of course, I have had underage fantasies. So hasn’t my wife, pretending she was underage. But that was her thing; not mine. I remember many years ago watching some decidedly underaged girls hanging out under a particular bridge smoking cigarettes and getting high. I don’t know about you, but I figure if she is old enough to do those things, she is old enough for sex. I had my fantasies, but they were always ruined with a tempering of reality. Does that happen to other people, I wonder? Hmmm…

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