My Favourite Life

January 15, 2007


I have reached 35,000+ views for this blog. At this point I would like to talk about the general trend leading people to visit. I have been tracking the page hits and the search terms, and they remain about the same every time I review the stats for this blog.

About 20% of the visitors are looking for porn and videos. Sorry, but there is none of that here, though there are a few pictures.

Another 20% are interested in anal sex—especially how to do it for the first time or how to get a partner to comply. I do outline how to get started, but you do need to already have a willing partner. I try to outline arguments and defenses women often put forth.

About another 20% are interested in pussy shaving—convincing a partner to shave or how to reduce shaving bumps or simply make shaving easier.

Another 20% are interested in oral sex, fellatio and cunnilingus, with about a quarter of those specifically interested in deepthroat—how to do it and how to get your partner to do it.

Generally, about 10% are interested in how to spice up their marriages or generally expand their sexual repertoire. The remainder are interested in pussy, generally, lesbians and breasts. Of course there is some crossover. For example, a guy interested in having his wife shave her pussy and do anal sex would show up in several of these categories.

I am not sure where I will go with this blog. I have touched upon most of what I wanted to, though I have a couple more posts in queue. My intention is not to make this a journal or a blow-by-blow outline of my ongoing sex life. While I enjoy sex with my wife—as exposited here—, it is not necessarily anything many people would find that interesting. I guess I am reserving this space as a sort of “best of” place. meantime, I’ll just play it by ear.

UPDATE 29.09.06 : Do I update this page as the visitor count increases? Perhaps until 20,000, and then maybe every incremental 5,000. In the end, does anyone really care?

UPDATE 28.10.06 : 25,000 and counting… I will attempt to update this again at 30,000 hits.

UPDATE 06.12.06 : 30,000 and counting… I will attempt to update this again at 35,000 hits.

UPDATE 15.01.07 : 35,000 and counting… I will attempt to update this again at 40,000 hits.

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