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January 22, 2007

Learning to Masturbate

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So, my favourite V-A-G writes about learning to masturbate. I have never been interested in masturbation or perhaps never is a bit extreme. I thought I had written about this in my blog, but evidently not, or else I didn’t see it when I searched. I think I mentioned it in a post, and it never went anywhere.

Some people shun masturbation for religious reasons, but this was not my reason. In any case, I didn’t masturbate until I was 18, maybe even 19. I had had sex, but I wasn’t interested or driven to masturbate. I remember talking about it in school and with friends, and they laughed and thought I was just not up to admitting it. Alas, it was true. Even nowadays, I don’t masturbate—even if sex happens in 7-day cycles. I think the last time I masturbated—save for a woman wanting to watch, or a situation where we both masturbated together—was over ten years ago. This was a time I was in between wives, and I wasn’t always sure when the next sex would come.

I learnt to masturbate in Japan when Yuka—in the course of foreplay—gave me a handjob as a part of her repertoire—a little blowjob, a little handjob, and then a little pussy. Even then, I wasn’t all that interested in doing it myself. My interest was always more focused on finding another warm, willing female body. At first a pussy was fine, but eventually I wanted more. I wanted access to everything, but you knew that.

Each has his own schedule. My wife on the other hand learnt on her own at age 3 or 4, using off-kilter washing machines or running water. V-A-G read a book. I had to have a tutor. Whatever.

Well, I didn’t masturbate this weekend either. Three weekends into the year and three times having sex. It’s not great—not really even adequate, but it is not fully within my control. Straight missionary fucking is nice, especially after you have gone down on her first. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

Anyway, speaking of masturbation, I have always been amused by these sex toys. If you have and any exposure/experience with these novelties, do share…

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