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January 23, 2007

Search Terms of the Week

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WTF? Search Term of the Week, and it’s only Tuesday. Well, this is a bit different than in the past, but I couldn’t resist with so many people arriving at this blog searching for this category of terms:

  • art of deepthroat
  • art of deepthroating
  • bad deepthroat
  • best deepthroating of all time
  • dangers of deepthroating
  • deep throat gag
  • deepthroat
  • deepthroat breathing
  • deepthroat gagging spitting
  • deepthroat puking
  • deepthroating
  • deepthroating my wife’s mouth
  • how to deepthroat
  • how to do deepthroat
  • how to do deepthroat pictures
  • know how to deepthroat a cock
  • longest + deepthroat
  • puke deepthroat
  • queen of deepthroat
  • queen swallow deepthroat
  • teach wife deepthroat
  • techniques for deepthroating fellatio
  • the art of deepthroating
  • what does deepthroating mean?
  • women’s blog deepthroating a guy

Of course, I have an interest in this topic, too, and that is some of the reason these searchers ended up here in the first place. I didn’t really have anything much to add today, so I figured one of these types of posts would be fine. What I wonder is what percent of guys are into getting deepthroat, what percent would like to get it, and how many guys just want it. I also wonder the corollary, how many women give deepthroat, how many like to give it, and how many refuse to give it, and for what reasons. The reasons are always the most interesting.

I mention one deepthroat expert I knew whose reason for learning deepthroat is to compensate for her dislike of having cum in her mouth. For her, deepthroating killed two birds with one stone: one, she could let guys cum in her mouth; two, she could provide the added experience of the actual deepthroat.

Off topic for a moment, I have never really gotten the resistance to swallowing. The cum is already in her mouth. It shouldn’t matter after that whether it goes in or out from her perspective. Maybe someone could shine a light on that one for me.

Before I had had deepthroat, it was no big deal. I had seen the Linda Lovelace video, but it was nothing I sought. Once I had it, well, that’s a different story. It is not something I would need day in and day out, but for a change, it is definitely worthy for a woman to have in her bag of tricks.

Well, as I said, I don’t really have anything much to say today, so I’ll end here.

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