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January 26, 2007

Search Term of the Week

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OK, right. So I am cheating, or at least maintaining focus on the topic I posted prematurely on Tuesday. Here is the search term of the week.

How do you deepthroat without gagging?

Of course, I have an answer for that, and I have written on the topic in various posts.

While there is no real reason I should answer this question here, I shall anyway. Most of the gagging is due to two factors. The first factor is purely psychological in conjunction with the normal gag reflex. Take your time, and consider factor two, and it should be easy enough. The second factor relates to human anatomical structure. The angle relationship between your mouth and throat are about 90 degrees. You need to get closer to 180 degrees, a straight path. Erect penises aren’t likely to take a 90 degree angle very easily. If you don’t straighten the path, his cock is going to dead-end in your throat instead of going down.

Some people use numbing sprays or gels, but these are really unnecessary. On the other hand, a little lubrication would help. He can lube his cock beforehand, and it will do wonders. I don’t recommend using numbing agents because you should be aware of what is going on. This extends to anal sex, too. The numbing agents don’t allow the receiver to be fully aware of what is going on (or in). If he is doing it correctly, it shouldn’t hurt or be uncomfortable. Just get it right. Go slow and remember: practise makes perfect.

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