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January 26, 2007

Sexual Dilemma

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Three posts in a day. What gives? So, now that my wife has seemingly reserved her sexual availability to weekends, I am coming to an impasse. The weekend is approaching, and there are some hindrances to this weekend’s activities. She just had oral surgery, so her mouth is off limits until further notice. She is taking post-surgery antibiotics, and this has promoted a vaginal yeast infection. Strike two. I brought up anal, but she has to be in the mood for that, and she doesn’t think she’ll be in the mood—plus that requires a bit of preparation, and we have a busy weekend planned doing other things. Anyway, that’s likely strike three. Am I out?

Here’s what I am considering. She could give me a handjob, and it might do, but I am not really a handjob sort of guy. In a pinch, I’ll settle for that. So I was thinking, tittie-fucking. I am not really into that either, but it is almost like a handjob with a twist. I guess I just prefer penetration. What can I say? But tittie-fucking. We haven’t done that in years—at least since 2002 or so since I started keeping track of such things. Tittie-fucking.

She has nice C-cup breasts, and we have done this before, but it has never quite worked out. It just isn’t that exciting, I guess. My last wife and I had done it, and she was only a B-cup, but it seems to work better with her. Who knows? Anyway, my idea is simple. I don’t know how many ways you can tittie-fuck. I mean lube up, have her hold her breasts together, and get to work. I was thinking maybe if I ended with a facial it might be more interesting. I have given her one facial after a blowjob. It was OK. She was mostly surprised, and didn’t quite know how to react. O yeah, we were filming it, so there was an added element. In any case, it was no big deal for me, and she wouldn’t necessarily want that again. But under the circumstances, perhaps a facial would be in order. It might just be enough to make an ordinary tittie-fuck into something a bit more than ordinary. Maybe not, but I am going with that story…

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