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March 2, 2007

40,000 Hits

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Wow! 40,000 hits!

My wife is picking up some of the habits of my first wife. My first wife insisted on having a “cum towel” under her whenever we had sex. She also insisted I shower and shave before sex. Well, the shaving was more my idea—especially when she was shaven—, as my beard is rather coarse. She took baths like three times a day—obsessive compulsive, really, but she usually shaved her pussy during the bath before bed, so she was typically silky smooth.

My wife now insists on a “cum sheet” under us we we have sex. It helps with the wet spots, and keeps impromptu anal sex accidents from ruining the regular sheet, if you catch my drift. Lately, she has been asking me to shower before bedtime—just in case. I guess the biggest difference is that my first wife and I had sex every night, almost without exception. Nowadays, my wife and I have sex about 2-3 times a week, so many of those times of showering and shaving would be wasted. it is even more important for her if she is going to suck my cock. She wants a clean cock. I guess this is normal, but it does impose a burden and diminishes spontaneity.

She likes to shower before having sex, too. I prefer a natural woman. I don’t want her scent and taste diluted—like Napoleon, I suppose. I mean, she is not a coal miner, so natural is better. Women, I feel, don’t see it this way, though I do know of some women that do prefer there construction worker mate to do it while he smells like a man.

So, I am wondering: am I making too big a deal out of this?

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  1. yes, you are. she has her preferences, and I, as a woman, totally understand. you want her to feel as comfortable as possible, so that she can do a good ‘job’.
    …these changes are sudden and she seems like a different person to you, then something may be wrong, so better talk to her.

    Comment by europosh — March 2, 2007 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

  2. I can see where you are coming from – and where she is coming from. I realized recently I was being to ridged about wanting to shower before sex, I worried too much about being clean but you are right it does ruin spontaneity. On the other hand, though I do like a fairly clean cock (husband’s) I’d almost rather have him not fresh from a shower. I prefer his natural taste to the slight residue of soap that never seems to completely go away unless with time. Perhaps you guys can find some sort of balance, sometimes shower before sex and sometimes just go for it. Compromise is goooooood…..

    Have you talked with her about the need for spontaneity? Comparing her to the first wife, may not be the way you’d want to go, however. 😉

    Hey, just found your blog. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll.

    Comment by Dirty Filthy Princess — March 5, 2007 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

  3. I don’t like that soap residue either. Now (read yesterday), I showered when I got home, and she showered before dinner. That makes a happy medium, and we did have sex after all. She knows all about my first wife. We know pretty much everything about our previous relationships. When she first brought up the towel issue, she couched it like: “I don’t want to be like Kristen, but would you mind…” We take the good with the bad. She also knows the frequency of having sex is less than between Kristen and me, but as she points out, that was some 15-20 years ago—younger, fewer demands. You know.

    As for the blogroll, you are welcome. It is difficult to find interesting sexual perspectives from ordinary people—and I have to admit to being biased toward preferring a woman’s POV—in these blogs, so I like to highlight the ones I like. I like to click on these blogroll links at least once a day to see what’s up.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — March 6, 2007 @ 9:07 am | Reply

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